Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Gridless in Seattle

Well not really, I'm in sunny sunny cornwall but it didn't fit in the title so well.

Anyhoo, the lack of grid has sent me into some sort of boredom induced internet browsing frenzy, all worth it though cos I found this. Basically it pikachu's a web page, for example here's my blog for pikachu's.

Not particularly amusing, but it reminded me of the time when Tie and I used to talk on the phone, and even before then, making up stoopid pictures of each other on yahoo doodler, there was a site that would 'pornolise' any web page. I think I nearly died the day Tie ran it over a teletubbies page (so wrong, bad Tie!) anyhoo, see my blog in a more entertaining light here (and if you want to do it yourselves find the site here).

"In other news I seem to be unclefucking for the Metaverse "Thrushmore" Messenger, please don't think I've forgotten Filth, I haven't, but in gangbanging with SL"


Actually, I think I'll run all my blogs through this now

Lots of love

(who loves

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