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Meme Stealer...

... Robots in disguise. Oh wait, that didn't work. I was bored. Again. So I stole this from Willow and Willow.

1. Do you remember the first person who helped you in SL, and are you still in contact with that person?

Well, the first time around it was a lovely lady called Alliez Mysterio. Who helped me with my graphics card fuckedness and also gave me one of her apartments in a newbie complex thingy she had. She also showed me how to unpack boxes (before you could just open them) and gave me many dresses and so forth. She also set me up (sorta) with a blokey which would eventually lead to the demise of my RL relationship, but that wasn't particularly her fault. The second time around it was the delightfully charming Tiernan Serpentine who taught me how to CyB0rSexX0r properly and where to buy the best collars.

2. Do you stick around in SL for business, or for the people?

Neither, I stick around because I have an insanely awesome inventory of many things I could never bear to lose. Oh and for the sex too.

3. Who is the most positive influence in your SL?

There's been many an influence on me, mostly narcotic, but I have to say *cough* Tie again *cough "Sorry!"*. She set me on the path to being the creature I am today, and her ways and mannerisms, from the way she dresses (yeah I know I bitch, but it's true.. Most of the time) to her hehe, are things that I've picked up, modified, or just outright stolen. I really wouldn't be the same without her.

4. Is there someone who makes you roll your eyes and groan when they IM you or if you run into them somewhere?

Ummmm, am I meant to say names? To be honest there's a few people that make me go, oh why are you talking to me? But on the whole I've managed to get my list down to sensible, non freaky people. So it's all good.

5. Is there someone in your SL that makes you smile whenever you notice their name on your friends list, even if they're not online?

Gah, Tie again.... Obsessed much? Oh, but I do have a writer from a british magazine called Bizarre on my friends list. I very much doubt their account is still active, but it's my little touch with greatness. (Apart from all the SLebrities I have on my list *smirks*)

6. Do you let people map you? Do others let you map them?

I let people map me for kicks and if I'm overly fond of them. Although it does have to be said that it has led to a couple of sticky situations. I have a few people who let me map them, for reasons of sexual stalking, and some people who I've met like twice, who presumably let everyone on their list map them. The crazy fools.

7. If we found out tomorrow that SL was closing, do you think you'd still remain in contact with your friends?

Probably, the ones I REALLY like are all on yahoo or MSN anyway. Not that I'm ever on yahoo or MSN, but still it's the thought that counts.

Well that was all very exciting and killed a good hour.

Ta ra!

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