Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Broadly Offensives Guide to Fun Sex Toys in SL - Pt 4

Hello again! Umm yes, so I haven't been having quite as much sex in SL as I'd like recently so I thought I could at least blog about something sexy, and today it's going to be chairs!

Two very specific chairs though, the first if by Misao Nakamura, who was the maker of the swing in the last one. Older than the swing is the Executive chair. It's got more sexxoring stuffs than you can shake a stick at. Including fisting (ftw) anal, boring, blah and oral.

It also has a very nice slouching anim which makes me no end of happy and is useful if you're not actually aiming to get any with the chair.

The pictures have sweet FA to do with the chair really, but meh, I like them.

The other chair is slightly more feisty and from Mad Sciences. Good for roleplay and/or beating the crap out of those you love and you should really go and test them both

Hilarity 2/10 (although one can't miss out on the repeated slapping of your SO)
Perverseness 6/10 (Not major perversion unless you are a prude)
Makes you horny 9/10
Liability to get you banned from somewhere 0/10 (Unless you slap down sex chairs wherever you roam)

Anyhoo, sorry for the briefness, I suck I know. I think I shall go and crawl into be with a nice hot vibrator and some hentai.