Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What's in my bag? (You'll wish you never asked)

Ummm yes.. First off I'd like to mention the things I DIDN'T include, which is a good kilo of receipts bus tickets and other random shit. I was going to, but then I realised that if I did do that then I would have to throw them away and clean the bag etc, which I really couldn't be arsed to do. Also my keys cos they live in the door unless I'm out.

Soooooo on with the contents!

1 - Is my bag, it's a huge Billabong vinyl satchel thing that you can move house in which my friend gave me. It's wipe clean too which is handy.

2 - Random ropes and chains

3 - My old trustworthy whip, it's completely frayed but the leather still creaks and it smells nice so who cares.

4 - Usual boring handcuffs

5 - Pink anal beads

6 - Jackie O esque sunnies, useful all year round for face hiding and outward appearance of aloofness.

7 - My lil iPod nano, old and full of shit.. Much like me these days

8 - My Rabbit, Tie bought me this for my birthday and it's the best friend a girl can have.

9 - Big rubbery and scares the bejeezus out of people, inflatable dildos ftw

10 - Clothes pegs

11 - Vouchers for Subway! VITAL to carry with one at all times

12 - An ancient £5 gift voucher of Tie's for Our Price, I dunno if the shops still exist though

13 - My Animal wallet, I love this, although I once left it on the roof of the car and it got lost, but then returned to me a week later by the police, slightly knackered but still containing £11.80.

14 - Mobile, picked because it has DISCO LIGHTS!!! (Not shown)

15 - Two pound coin and a Morrisons shopping trolley pound

16 - Smoking paraphenalia. I smoke rollies but use roaches in them, meaning I leave a small trail of torn up rizla packet wherever I go.

And thus endeth the tour.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Where have all the memes gone?

Well who knows, but I decided to get over it by making my own, which no one will do and I will have some sort of paranoid breakdown but hey ho.

It's quite simple, relating to SL clothing, five things you always wear, 5 things you used to wear and five things you never wear. These have to be things you've purchased, no gifts or freebies, and you can just write about them or make purty pictures.

Got it? Excellent, so here's mine

I'm uber lazy so I mashed all the pictures together, the first get up you have to ignore the skirt, but it's basically the sweetest goodbye top with an unfathomable name. The Sinistyle boots and WRONG Fishnets. Next the gearshift jeans that I live in with the Juicy shoes.

For stuff I used to wear is the Suave shirt from Wintermoon which sadly got upgraded for the Armidi one although Suave shows more tit, which is good for showing more tit. Shiny thing boots which everyone with half a braincell own and a mini skirt from a last call set. Then is my beloved Versu pants from Nomine back from the dark ages of 2004 which do freaky things to your feet now.
Finally the Dark Eden boots, Etain herself (Namedrop WOOO!) told me that she always thought they looked unrealistic in the stuff and things but I didn't care. These boots got me more IM's of the 'Where did you get them' variety than I care to remember.

Now the best bit. The things I NEVER wear. I dunno where that jumpers from, I also don't know why I bought it. It's not horrible but It's never got further than "Nah....." in the wearing stakes. Then the dress. I bought that because the owner was there and talking to me. And she was nice, and I didn't want to tell her that I thought her shop was overpriced so I bought it. Go me. The boots are the first sculpties or boots EVER in SL. Which is why I keep them in a special box locked away from all and sundry *cough*.

Next is an outfit from Savvy? Now I loved this, and I still do, I just never find the right moment to wear it. Suggestions welcome in comments. And finally Armidi, stupidly expensive, very pink. Why? Who knows?

Anyhoo, more from me soon I promise.