Monday, 30 July 2007

New Addiction YAY!

I have to admit I've never really been taken with any of the games around in SL. But then I went to Jelly's rezday and was forced (seriously they totally forced me) to play Tringo.

And it's fooking cool!

So cool, in fact, that if SL had been working properly, I would have gone and blown 15k on my own Tringo board. However Tie is, for once, extremely pleased that SL has a worse hangover than me after my last birthday and doesn't want to do ANYTHING!

Just look what my clever new wife made! Optimus Prime!! (which in my personal opinion has to be the shittest transformer anyway, I mean seriously "Wooot I just turnied into a lorry!" I mean yeah, great, thanks. Oh and while we're on the subject transformers sucked arse anyway. Zoids were way cooler)

Friday, 27 July 2007


Okies, so I'm making another video and I'm pathetically excited about this one, but I need some bodies. Anyone with anything vaguely harajuku in your closet get your arse to Koreshan on Saturday between 6pm and 8pm SL time (yeah I'm vague, but that's a 2am start for me so blah).

Hope to see someone there!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

But... But... I'm a DOG??!! (Thanks Trinitee!)

Apparently you can answer questions to see if I'm as much a dog as it says I am *grumbles*

Anyhoo Trinitee Trillam had this on her blog and I couldn't resist. Although it's all fooked up I'm about as modest as a streaker. Seriously. Those girls in school who thought they were better than everyone else? That was me! Although only in SL (I have virtual ego issues, gimme a break).

Monday, 23 July 2007


How smart are you? - Are you dumb?

And Tie didn't help me at all.

Not one bit...


Friday, 20 July 2007

It's bindun but....

Okay so everyone with a blog has been to greenies, but I've never been a girl famed for either her originality or strength of knicker elastic so here it is.

The thing is this massive hoohah about it all being the work of Starax Stratosky. Well I admit it's possible. I remember interviewing Light Waves AGES ago for Filth, to be fair it wasn't an in depth interview as he/she was cagier than a bag full of umm cages. They also said that they sold the rights to their work to someone else, which I thought was pants (mostly cos they couldn't give me copies of the aliens which had all been up at a sim called Lo Lo for some time). It never crossed my mind that they may have been Starax, although I had convinced myself that Nomansha Syaka was but nevermind.

Another reason why it's possible is due to the existence of a sim called Backstage many years ago. It was much the same idea as greenies, you tp'd into a drawer and you flew out into a room that spanned two sims, I don't recall there being walls but I may have been wrong. It had a little race track on the floor with toy cars you could drive, and a dolls house (remarkably similar to the one at Greenies, although the backstage one had skeletons in the attic). There was also a little bonsai plant, which was my favourite quiet contemplative spot in SL. It was also littered with Starax's work. I have a piccy somewhere of me stood next to a gargoyle of his on the shelf.

None of this matters though, if Starax is back, and doesn't announce that it's his alt, and that he is back, then we should all respect his wish for privacy. Also if it isn't him then don't you think whoever it is will be mightily pissed at people thinking that they are someone else, rather than recognising them for individual talent.

Anyway, that's me done.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

In seriousness...

A while ago I was involved in a project run by the Metaverse Messenger and my good friend Madison. It was a makeover with a difference. It was an SL makeover for people who had survived cancer in RL. Getting various designers in SL to donate their creations to a worthy. I thought the idea was a brilliant one and offered my services as a photie taking thing to Mad's. The lady whose makeover I was recording was an avatar by the name of stori Knopfli. I'd recently given up on doing photies for any sort of business due to my utter boredom with people and having to work and so forth. But stori was a hoot. She was a really lovely girl, and it never once felt like work. I remember her saying about her hair colour as she'd been a red head before, but had ended up blonde as a result of the makeover.

So I did her photo and she loved it and it went in the messenger and all was well.

Until I got an email this morning telling me she had lost her fight with cancer. It's quite strange how affected I am by someone I spent a sum total of an hour with in SL. But I am.

I hope she's found some peace now and I hope this post reminds everyone that there are ways to fight against this sort of thing, and we can ALL do something to make a difference.

Monday, 9 July 2007


I'm seriously not enjoying SL for all the reasons I should be. Currently it's the best I can do to go in there to answer IM's... Oh wait, there aren't any hehe.

When I started (don't be confused I may have an 06 birthdate but i really started in 04) I went to lots of events, of course there weren't as many then, I even hosted a few. Shopping was fun, Nomine being the bollocks of all the shops. Everyone seemed to be gothic (I was too although that was more my graphics card than choice) and the world seemed, smaller. Now it's just huge.

So yes, I'm thoroughly pissed off with it all. I'm also pissed off with making Filth. I mean it's fun and all, but I haven't a fucking clue if anyone reads it, likes it, hates it. Or what. I come up with all these ideas and they're all shit at the end of the day. So I take a look at what I've gained from SL instead.

Well I've gained two things. The chance to be me, as I'd really like to be. The chance to be unencumbered by class, status, looks, social standing, whoever the fuck your family was, it doesn't really mean anything here. All you really need to make something is an inkling of how something works and a shit load of peserverence, and you can make something that you really care about, inspite of what anyone else may think.

Which brings me onto the second thing I've gained.

I met Tie when I was in SL the first time round, in a shop that sold poles (for dancing). Tie was and still is, and probably always will be the funniest smartest person in SL. Except now she's not just part of my SL, I don't have to switch on my computer to see or speak to her, I just need to roll over or turn my head and shes there right next to me.

So you see I think I've gained about the greatest thing I ever could out of SL what more is there.

(PS this is not a whinging post, I have plenty of them on my RL blog, it's more a thought ordering post so blah)

Friday, 6 July 2007

It's been a while

I've been away screaming around the lovely quaint roads that make up the south of england, but now I'm back!

Oh and I have a plan. I'm going to attempt to make a 15 minute long machinima based on the gun slut comic in Filth. However I'm only a poor little sparrow, so I need people with talents who can offer any help they can in return for being credited on the film. So if there is anyone out there who thinks they can help, please, leave a comment, IM me, or send a carrier pigeon.

Love Kitteh!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Me wuvs Jellybean!

Not only is she fookin gorgeous, but she always posts my shit on her blog, and I've been so remiss lately about keeping up with hers I felt to share her insanely awesome vids with you!

Fuck it

I like this vid


All done, finished, latest issue of Filth is out...