Friday, 29 May 2009

The All American Challenge

Taking the boundaries of pervesion out of the metaverse is something I enjoy. A previous blog post of What's in my bag? will show you a small part of my sizable collection. Anyhoo, today I got something new and exciting that I've wanted for a VERY long time (Love you Tie!) and I thought I'd share my new addition with you!

Called The Great American Challenge this thing is obscenely big.. I mean huge. I really hope the posty didn't peer inside the box...

Just for verification, that's a two litre bottle of lemonade next to it. I was going to put it next to the cat as a comparison but it ran off (the cat, not the dildo, although if the dildo does try to run off I'm not going to be the one that gets in it's way).

And now I'm going to sit and stare at it in a nervous eye twitching manner.