Saturday, 29 September 2007

The ultimate birthday present?

Okay so this is a picture of me and Tie, not the best picture ever, but nevermind, what's important about it is that it's taken on our sim

Yep we finally bit the ever so expensive bullet and bought an island, thus removing any last vestages of SL being 'a game'.

I'd invite you all to come look but it's mine, so nyer.

Seriously, some of it will be open to the public soon, but for now we're just having the most fun driving around in our cars and enjoying a blissful lag free existence (even with your draw distance set to 512).

Oh and it arrived yesterday on my RL birthday, so I'm calling it as a present hehe.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Primature madness

Ooo back again with another exciting way to pass the time in SL. Tie and I were musing on some prim clothing when we decided to duke it out with 'nyer I've got more prims than you'.

Me (on the left) weighed in at 1660 (ish, I didn't count my dance foo) and then Tie decided to put on some guns and romped in at 1816. Then we took them off again so we could move!

So now we throw the gauntlet out to anyone who cares. Can you wear more prims?

Basically all you do is wear as many prims as possible (preferably without crashing) there are some rules.

NO changing the attachment points of things, if you've changed it previously that's fine, but no changing it at that moment.

NO wearing houses. Everything you wear must be something you can wear.

There probably should be some more but meh.

Good luck all!

Thursday, 6 September 2007


I've never been one to go back on things, once something is done, it's done. Endy Story. When I first got photoshop I buggered around with portraits, even opening up a photo studio (biggest waste ever, one you make fuck all money, two, you have to deal with some nasty looking avs with crap hair and slider issues *shudders*). The above pictures was one of my first few with PS. It was prolly the one I was most proud of, anyway I've been at it again (but this time only taking piccies of myself or Tie) and I felt to redo the above shot. Anyway, it's late and I'm tired. I have a billion things I want to say on my blog about things and people. But I can't be arsed (well more to the point I try very hard not to be a bitch, and not hurt feelings and so forth).

Oh yeah, go to Tofte I'm selling all my old inventory crap. Feel free to laugh at/purchase stuff.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

I did FART!!!!!

Oh wait, I meant art. *sighs*

Anyway, shut up, here's a video

Check out our Burning Life attempts here