Thursday, 14 January 2010

10 Things You Don't Know and Don't Need To!

Aside from pondering changing the name of this blog to 'Will only post memes' I've been doing... Not so much! Have a meme!

1: I've had 15 siblings but am an only child (The siblings are all steps, halfs and fosters and I've never met 3 of them)

2: I was a complete ASBO teenager and my exploits included being picked up by the police at 4am wearing a nightie, being expelled from school and getting a caution (seperate occasion) for smashing a car windscreen.

3: I despise myself for saying LOL on occasion.

4: One of my best sexual moments was when I was still half asleep and dreaming about having a threesome in a police station.

5: I had a wart on my hand as a child and retaliated against the bullies by telling them it was contagious and chasing them around the playground.

6: I have a bone handled fooking massive bowie knife and it never fails to amuse me doing the whole "That's not a knife" in a shit aussie accent thing.

7: I never learnt an instrument as a child but can play the guitar to some degree now.

8: My ideal home would be a self sufficient farm in the middle of nowhere (I have quite worked the whole internet access into this fantasy yet)

9: Dead things freak me out, I can't look at or touch anything dead, even insects, as I have a terrible fear that bits of their body will break off.

10: I've grown to hate the name Kitty and fervently wish I could change it.