Thursday, 2 October 2008

Broadly Offensive's Guide to Fun Sex Toys in SL - Pt 3

*sneaks in all slick and dripping bodily fluids while Kitty's not looking*
Since she's planning to blog something very cool sometime in the near future, I thought I'd take the opportunity to cover a few kinky basics from a random dungeon I found. Which is definitely not situated in our sim or full of all the things we like most.

Human statues and furniture aren't specifically sex toys or even that kinky by SL standards, but they're also not the sort of things you'd find gracing the Linden village. They're much more suited to a run-down ornamental garden or an impoverished cafe that don't have the cash available for regular furniture.

As you can see these things are all very utilitarian and practical, besides the danger of soil, ash, rose thorns and hot wax in various orifices.

The plant pot and ashtray holders are from the Forniphilia collection at Dark Delights, which also sells a collection of farmyard animals, traffic cones and machines far too complicated to explain. And the candelabra and coffee table are brought to you by VR Fetish which also has a posture collar with chain attached buttplug (which we're rather fond of).

Hilarity 4/10
Perverseness 6/10
Makes you horny 7/10
Liability to get you banned from somewhere 5/10 (if they notice you)