Saturday, 30 June 2007


I think I have man flu, it's kind of like normal flu, except much much worse. Normally only suffered by men, the smallest cough can reduce a person to a comatose wreck. Which is what I've spent most of the day doing... Sleeping that is!

The magazine is very nearly done, with not one, but TWO videos ready to go. Although SL is being a lag infested shit hole at the moment. Prims changing their size and position randomly, hair disappearing, chat lag that makes it nigh on impossible to communicate. Blah...

Anyhoo, I'm having issues seeing the screen so tara

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Period of procrastination over.

Well we're aiming for sunday with the release of the next Filth. It's going to be a manic week, it's a shame really, I've loved doing the fashion stuff, it's been fun, but I'm sat on what is, in my opinion my best machinima yet. And I refuse to upload it til the mag is out so I've got to work like a biatch. We're currently bandying around with the idea of next months (yeah, we're meant to be monthly) issue being entirely in video. Which would be interesting. Although I dunno how well recieved it would be... If anyone who looks at my blog (I have a hit counter, I know some people must look at it) has any thoughts or feelings on this please PLEASE lemme know.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Procrastination part II

So i did another viddy for the Fashion Angels blog, because I care. Now I want more Harajuku shit before I do another.


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Procrastinating = BAD!

Well, I had lots of worky things to be doing, but I got pissed off with the LAG!

Which is evil, and the stoopid fooking update doesn't work and everything is shit.

So I went and played in PS instead.... Enjoy!
(ps click to enlarge)
(pps doesn't work on men in RL)

Druss Mandala

Okay, you're all going to have to humour me for a moment. Basicallly I have a friend, Druss Mandala who is an oldbie of the highest order... I mean oooooooooooold! You go to the list of Beta Testers on the wall in plum, and whoop dere he is!

Anyway so way back in the mists of time, Druss made a deckchair, which he left free to copy and it snuck itself into every reseller of free things shop in SL. You find some newbie land with a deckchair, it's probably his! With it's charmingly uneven legs and original texture of the united jack, it was one of SL's finest examples of prim work man ship, sadly however he abandoned his account and eventually got it reinstated but lost his inventory in the process, meaning that the deckchair was lost. Until now....

Yes it's true, Druss Mandala is REMAKING the deckchair and intends to spread it like some sort of disease over the metaverse once again! However, I have sneakily created the 'I PWN Druss Mandala deckchair' which is also free to copy.

So be a love and head down to Filth HQ in Tethea and take a copy, leave it out anywhere you can and enable me to become the new deckchair freak of SL and increase my chances of becoming a fully fledged attention seeking whore *cackles maniacally*


Monday, 25 June 2007

Awww wedded bliss

*pants and gasps* I finally got it done, the hardest video ever! I was lagged to death, crashed, got ejected and banned *glares at Jon* and all the rest, but there it is. My mate Lala finally skipping down the aisle with Jon...

Not much to say but awwwwww!

Loves you guys!

Yay me!

I made another viddy, for Fashion Angels (whom I'm a renegade blogger for) about my sexxoringly good new Harajuku skirt from Gritty Kitty. It's far too good although not made for those of us who don't have fine child bearing hips (crazy, I moan the other way in RL *snickers*) and you need Tiernan Serpentine to fix it, unless you have your own resident building bunny!

Anyhoo enjoy the vid, there'll be another one later hehe

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Fashionistas beware

While casually lounging on a toadstool, passing the time by nitpicking people's avatars, Kitty Lalonde was caught on camera having a particularly pretty moment. *sniggers* (And this is what happens when you badger and cajole people to post blog entries)


My missus really is teh roxxors!!

Naughtiness of the whoops variety

Umm so I just went to the lag hell that was the Aspire fashion show, I didn't see much of it really as it was a lagfest, although I did see the Maxim Girl Miss Cline.

Now obviously not her fault, but I couldn't help but giggle!

Then I espyed a sign asking attendees to keep them prim count down, so I quickly checked myself out and it rounded off to around 630, so I left quickly.


I think somewhere along the way I lost the bit of SL that's meant to be relaxing and an escape, and it's become work! Don't get me wrong it's all good fun! I had to take a leave of Filth for a bit to do an advert for the Metaverse Messenger

Which I think turned out rather nicely, it is pain putting Filth back though, as I have a kick ass video all made up for it and I'm not releasing it til the magazine goes.

In other news I can keep this blog free free FREE of fasionness as I'm a fully fledged (and fooked) member of the Fashion Angels team at their blog at ummmm here

Oooo the excitement!

Thursday, 14 June 2007


So they've taken the windlight thingy off the first look and added voice instead, which is interesting. I scampered down to Ahern *shudders* and listened as a variety of people crackled and hissed their way into me lugholes. I wandered off with me lovely Tie to a quieter region (Quat, my old home from years ago which I still strangly miss) and it's buggy (or possinly just Tie) but interesting, I'm not going to say I won't use it, cos I probably will, but it's no vital to my SL.

In other news Tie and I spent a happy halfhour in Nakama filming for the next Filth Video, which will be out on the *mumbles* and so it'll be very nice to do a tie in of them both. If we get it done. Perhaps....

Oh and as she commented and I'm uberly chuffed that she's read my blog, it's a tad early 'mayhapsibly' but....

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Ewwwww they're breaking the grid again!

Well SL is closed, disgustingly closed. Whilst the lindens prod at it with hammers and generally fook things up for everyone. Although there is always the hope that some of the lovelier fashion designers will get on and make summit new. I'm sick of wearing the same clothes.

That's one thing that I appreciate/dislike about Filth, it's distinct lack of fashioness. On one hand, yeah, I'd love to do clothes and what not, but on the other, it's a bit 'predictable'. Not that it stopped me from sidling along to Closet Crisis's fashion contest thing under my Purveyor of Filth tag, decked out in my most awesoming of gunslut outfits. Only to shit myself and umm lose hehe.

But there needs to be more gunslut clothing out there, and more fiesty stuff, something... different. Maybe a bit of harijukuness going on, bright funky ass colours, loads of random accessories, I've seen lots of funkyness, but it's not, to put it bluntly, that well made, and I'm a picky bitch. Also anyone who reads Jelly's blog will have seen here request to stop the sculptie hair, I agree, it looks the same as normal prim hair but with worse textures, so stop it.

(Also while we're on the subject can someone tell Doc Eldritch to leave the fantasy stuff alone for a bit and make some more short skirts such as the valley girl stuff. Ta)

Oh and on the subject of hair (were we? ah well) Can we have less of the two tone half and half ness, and maybe some solid blocks of colour, or how about releasing you hair with some no trans textures in it, so we can pick bit's to stripe and semi stripe, lets have a bit of uniqueness, not just everyone bumbling around with the same hair.

I think I is doned now.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Deep madness

After the excitement of the drahma Tie and I decided to unwind, by going to mexico, tis a very lovely sim by the Mexico tourist board or summit, with a sexy aztecy temple thing (although apparently missing the big pit where the bodies were thrown). Not wishing to detract from the general junglelike ambiance we went as small dinosaurs. It is a sight that has to be seen, two small dino's hopping around like freaks especially when you're only talking in deeps(sample conversation -
You: Deep deep?
Tiernan Serpentine hangs her head over the hammock and deeps in annoyance
You: Deep deep deepy deep de-deep?!
Tiernan Serpentine: Deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Tiernan Serpentine: Deep
Kitty Lalonde gasps)

Aside from the nice building and jungle bits it wasn't terribly exciting and I couldn't find any mezcal.
In other news the party went well, we had a sorry we've been neglecting you all while we're all shagged up and happy party, which culminated in a four way skype with much panting and rhino sex *sighs*. Still it does mean we can neglect our friends lists for the next 6 months!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Pissed off start to blog

It all started with inventories. Mine and Tie's overflowing with crap that we don't wear/use/fornicate with. So we decided to flog it on to people with less discerning taste (some of the stuff was hideous) this went quite well, although we couldn't be arsed with most of it, or perhaps to ashamed to admit to linden spendage on some of the more retarded items, and deleted shed loads of things. What escaped the cull went in pretty boxes (I like making things pretty, leave me alone) and were happily put out for sale.

It all went swimmingly until I got an IM from a chick complaing that her cum stained face attachment (don't ask) wasn't in it's box. I couldn't find it and neither could she so I refunded her. Then she mentioned she'd bought loads of our stuff and when it arose we hadn't put everything out on sale she offered to make a deal on what was left. I refused and continued on my merry way. After telling Tie about it we checked her pro, and interestingly had a pick for a flea market. So off we trotted and there were some of our things we had sold to her, all up on the wall, for more than we sold it.

Now this pissed us off. No one would buy from a rummage sale or carboot and then put their findings up in a big shiny, badly textured shop, for resale. So I made an ickle sign, partially because I found it amusing, and partially because I was pissed off.

Anyhoo, the sign was up for nearly 2 days, a few people who were shopping had laughed at it, and that was about it. Then today I got an IM

reselling bint: is there a reason your slandering my name?
Me: Hello. You must be talking about the sign? We just put that up in case people had come to the sale earlier and seen an outfit they liked, then returned later. I hope you don't mind us advertising your market
(okay okay, not necessarily sensible but blah)
RB: i am reporting it to linden labs that is slander and a terms of service

Now I love the ToS with it's everchangingness and general hypocrisy. I read it everyday, and to be honest I couldn't find anything on 'slander' in it. Now the texture I used my be considered broadly offensive by most. But other than that I couldn't see her point.

There was some sort of kerfuffle because I hadn't mentioned any other people who had bought stuff at our sale for the same reason (to which I pointed out she'd drawn attention by striking deals) and then....

Me: I really can't see why your so upset, I don't understand why it's slanedr, I'm quite simply stating the truth as I see it
RB: your slandering me
Me: How?
RB: buy implying i rip people off
Me: You bought our stuff, and your selling it at higher prices, that's all I said
RB: and that is slander
Me: If you're not doing that then I'll take it down
RB: its not yours
RB: youdidnt create it

I was now utterly confused and had to look slander up in the dictionary in the hope that my early onset of dementia hadn't gotten worse.

slan·der [slan-der]
1.defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2.a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
3.Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.
–verb (used with object) utter slander against; defame.
–verb (used without object) utter or circulate slander.

So I couldn't see how that worked. The IM's continued thick and fast in which RB sited her RL difficulties for some unapparent reason, and continued with her ToS spiel, and I got incredibly bored by the whole thing until she finally stopped quacking at me.

So at the end of all this the sign stays, it was a bit mean but it amused me endlessly. As me missus so eloquently put it "From now on we'll just give away our old outfits to stop people like her making a quick buck"

*rant over*