Thursday, 4 March 2010

Pyggermeback Festival

As you all know the RL Kitty and Tie upped sticks and moved FOUR WHOLE MILES up the road, and have been settling into our new hometown and getting used to all it's customs. One of the more exciting festivals they have is the Pyggermeback Festival.

The date this festival began is unknown but takes its roots from 1841 when all the remaining french from the french occupation of cornwall had been pushed into caves in a nearby village. On the 6th of March these treacherous fiends gathered to form an army heading for our beloved village. On hearing of this great peril the local men formed their own army, standing proud at the entrance to our village singing cornish songs of heroism to rally the troops. One of these was the song Pyggermeback, which even the simplest of fools could join in with the words. When the french heard the good people of our village singing their song they turned on their heels and fled. Later they were pursued into their caves and slaughtered. Only a handful remained and these became the french survivalists.

The festival is a simple one, but it warms the hearts of all the locals and anyone in earshot. All the men of the village stand outside their homes at 8am and sing the same song their forefathers sang so many years ago...

Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback.
Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback to Trelawney

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Tiernan Serpentine said...

Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback, Pyggermeback. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a FOO with your pants on the ground. Pyggermeback to Trelawny!