Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gone to the dogs

Cos we're a bit insane, we got a puppy today *cue pictures*

Everyone together.... AWWWWWWW

Sizing up dinner (Please note I do not have any say in what my children wear or buy, hence those shoes)

Dog Flail

Nothing exciting just another OMG WANT picture for the hormonally imbalance (me)

Brief bit of info for anyone who cares. The puppy is a boy puppy and is now named Loup, it sleeps a lot and hasn't crapped anywhere... yet.

Loup's mum was a German shepherd crossed with a Malamute and his dad was a Husky crossed with a Czech Wolfdog and he had 9 brothers and sisters (of which four still remain as far as I know for anyone interested in schlepping down to the Devon/Cornwall border for one of these).


Willis said...


Can he live in the Treehouse with me???

Rosie said...

Kitty Congrats! He's awesome... *I WANT* (cozy)