Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Primature madness

Ooo back again with another exciting way to pass the time in SL. Tie and I were musing on some prim clothing when we decided to duke it out with 'nyer I've got more prims than you'.

Me (on the left) weighed in at 1660 (ish, I didn't count my dance foo) and then Tie decided to put on some guns and romped in at 1816. Then we took them off again so we could move!

So now we throw the gauntlet out to anyone who cares. Can you wear more prims?

Basically all you do is wear as many prims as possible (preferably without crashing) there are some rules.

NO changing the attachment points of things, if you've changed it previously that's fine, but no changing it at that moment.

NO wearing houses. Everything you wear must be something you can wear.

There probably should be some more but meh.

Good luck all!


Madison said...

/me pokes Kitty to see if she's still alive and is *certain* she can wear more prims!

Madison said...

/me coughs loudly and wonders where her prim winning pic is and suspects a certain someone does not want to admit she was PWND!