Sunday, 27 January 2008

What do you write?

I have too many blogs. Some are other peoples, some are work related (*snorts*). But I have two that are all mine.

This one is one of those, however. It's the carefully edited one. Anything resembling RL that isn't highly amusing is cast aside. My other one however is solely RL.

I don't much understand it really, SL is such a huge part of my RL in many many ways, and yet I need to segregate the two. In all honesty, this is Kitty Lalonde's blog. Aside from the occasional harpy fit, she's a cheery sort of creature. Even in moments of extreme misery she'll only ever answer the question of "How's you?" with "Not bad thankee". She's like my polite mask, the pretty window box to mask the dysfunctional family inside the flat. The airbrushing away of the broken veins and spots. Pity really. I'd always thought of her as being the same personality in a different package.

What's the point of all this? I dunno, I was just quietly musing and needed an outlet, so I thought, hell that blogs not suffered for the cause yet, quick jot down something cryptic and depressing.
So there it is.

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Trinity said...

*gasp* And you haven't let me be privvy to your RL one when you know all my deepest, darkest?! *sobs and runs off to write in mine about my broken heart*