Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I'm still here... Sorta... Part II

First off the above picture shows that I have a Blood Elf (Or belf for those hardcore among you) and am on Willow Caldera's secret hidden server. I'm Kittylish (Damn those other Kitty's) and Tie is Tierna (Damn those other Tiernan's as well) and I have a cat called Geoffrey....

In other news, for those that don't know, my reasons for being offline recently are due to my ex falling very very ill. It's not good and I'm not going into it, but it's fairly heavy shit and I just need some time to quietly deal with it all. I don't want vast amounts of sympathy and so forth, but I hate to fall silent with no good reason. So that is my reason and now you all know.

Much love to y'all

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WillowC said...

*hugs you both...and Geoffrey* I'll be stealing him, you watch.