Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cat Sex Part 2

So we all saw the pictures of horny cats, and we all thought it very sweet. BUT....

Let these pictures tell you a story

Looks like a normal cat huh?

Well it has THE BELLY OF DOOM! Yes, innocent kitten is now a mere statistic, a teen mother, a horrible victim of society and the morally devoid race that we are.. The dirty slag. However there is a lesson for all here.

Yes, here in all it's chilling glory proof that getting pregnant young will MAKE YOUR HEAD MELT.

Let's hope we've saved some lives tonight.


Willis said...

OMG so THAT is why my heads all squwhiff now??

I want the kittens :((

I also want to be pregnant :((

Someone shoot me now, preferably with birth control.

Kitty Lalonde said...

Why don't you get pregnant in SL, you could even go all yifftastic and be a kitty cat... Bingo, two birds with one stone.

p.s Squiffy heads ftw

Rob Danton said...

Not only have you undoubtedly saves some lives with this post, but you have proved beyond doubt that you have some clean(er) window frames. Awesome. That Artex on the ceiling needs sorting though.

Kitty Lalonde said...

Are you offering Rob sweetie?

Rob Danton said...

Christ no! You should see my place :/