Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Playing with Windlight

For ages I had sulked about people taking super awesome pictures of places and when I went there the places/I sucked. So I thought "Meh", and decided to take my withered photoshop skills and hide them in a box to be forgotten. Then I remembered Torley had made a buttload of windlight presets and decided to have a play.

Now I'm not saying there wasn't some sort of awesome photoshoppery, but in some cases you can see that they'd just used some pleasing presets. One of the problems however is that there is a huge selection of presets, and it's hard work going through them all. So I'm mostly writing this for me to remember but you can all look at it too cos I'm nice like that!

All these were taken at Error, cos it's a bloody lovely sim and has lots of water which is helpful.

Up first, Holy Romance sky setting and Subtleties in the water. Kinda of a generic purty sunset thang.
This is Das Fog and Coral Reef, it looks kind of bleak and windswept, but with awesome reflections in the water (oh I should say, scuse me for sticking my arse in all the pictures, but I was lazy and lagged and couldn't be bothered to move)

This one is all alien and mystic, you can almost see Mulder and Scully burrowing in the undergrowth like voles. Obtained using Metal Gear Solid and Meridian Verde.

Fairytale Glow and Subtleties, I prefer hazier settings, and FG is very crisp, but it does look farkin cool. Would also work well with Ice-Like...

Which is seen here in combination with Use On Fine Ships. Ice-Like is prolly my favourite preset. You can get some really cool walking on clouds sort of looks with sky settings like Pink Sink and Peach Peche.

This one is Ice-Like with Purple Wisps and Egg Yolk (names ftw)

If you've ever used these settings you'll prolly have noticed most of them don't work very well on avatars, bleaching them and making them look like they're in a microwave. So I went through the whole list to try and find some cool ones.

From left to right: Evil Machinery, Planet Xmas, Phlogiston, Pale Incabon and Holy Romance.

Some of these are pure arty, Evil Machinery looks like crazy popart, Planet Xmas is green, very green. And kinda bronzy in a green way. Phlogiston would be good for darkened silhouettes. With slivers of light on the edges. Pale Incabon is just very nice soft light to look pretty in. Also loving the light with Holy Romance, kind of a stripper setting (I think about stuff in terms of strippers, ok?)

Set 2 from left to right: Ramshaguld, Rimmerthal, Sky as Canvas, Das Fog and Deep Blue Sky 2.
Ramshaduld looks like you're standing by a bofire on a very dark night, in world it even flickers which looks very very cool. Rimmerthal in my small opinion would be great with really bright clothing or if you love playing with contrast, SaC is another stripper one and Das Fog works the same as Ana Lutetia's Studio 2 Whiter setting which if you don't have you are FAIL. Deep Blue Sky looks very cold, which I like.

Last Set left to right (again): Farmotropic Sepia, Where Were, Slips Through Walls 6 and Climacontravasty.
FS is another good contrast one, although less darker than previous although can be iffy on faces, Where Were is another stripper one but more vibrant. STW6 is just crazy funk and Climawotsit has a really nice bronze effect on the bewblies, so go and take pictures of your tits.

If anyone has any ossm settings please let me know, I love playing with this stuff!

(Oh and here's a >> link << to Torleys settings if you don't have them!)

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