Sunday, 5 July 2009

Is cupid ok?

Some aeons ago a male friend of mine helped (made) me join an online dating site for shits and giggles. After whiling away the time doing quizzes such as The Slut Test (64%) The Whore Test (80% Whore) and Disturbing Movies (100%), I promptly forgot about the whole thing and ignored it from that day forth.

Last night when speaking to that same friend, I went to poke at it and lo I discovered various lovely emails addressed to my good self. I would particularly like to share one here:

here i go first chat and i am in your bad books befor i start however i do need to ask you this i see you talk about going out on fridays drinking a lot having lots of girly fun with your friends it must be hard for you seeing there is no good guy in your life this is where i get in to your bad books who look after you kid when out every friday night , is it no guy keeps with you as you have a kid , and are you running away at night on a friday hopping you find a nice guy who like you for who you are in life with a kid , i feel it must be so hard for you in life at this time having no one to go home too but just your kid . can i say this to you why not remove the bit about going out each friday seeing you got a kid i say this as my sister who is 35 yers old dose this and it is not good for the kids she has 2 girls 7 the other 11 . if you wish to find a good nice guy on here just say when you can you like to go out on a friday and have fun seeing you have a kid or 2 this way it show you have things right by saying what you have it gives the wrong out look of you i am only happing you here ok

Charming no? Having spent much time guffawing over this, my friend decided to send a little message to my would be suitor. While I don't have the exact message I know it went something along the lines of 'wanting to explore my curiousity with an older gentleman'. Hey, I never said we were mature.

Anyhoo fast foward to this morning, and I had a little missive lurking in my dating site inbox, Mr Overly Concerned About Children had obviously noticed I'd visited his profile (stupid me) and wanted to connect... Again.

hi kitty sometime ago i sent email to you . i understand there would be lots of guys you send emails to your self i hope you with good resons that is . we all act in away bad some times we talk but do not mean it we all can act with words not nice that is with others around us i do my self . we cant like all . and even the ones we like and love can get hurt by us in words , however when we do like some one we like we can hurt them but this should not stop us likeing them or being in love with who they are . so you up set people in life we all do that . to others around us do we not . any way i see you had a look at my page i have to say i had to change it why it is this i had a guy as to get to know me . i cant beleave this guy was looking at my page when i am only in to women girls that is . i feel so ill over it . that a guy feels i am in to men even when it says on my page i like women only . that is it on this so how about a chat on here who knows we may just find friends at first and if we do get on my be more i do hope we can talk to each other more al the best ken hope yopu hve a noce day with the kids

Aside from the obvious fact that I had been very clearly rumbled, if you didn't think I was particularly evil after my last post you'll certainly have thought twice now eh?


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Anonymous said...

All I know is, the guy that thought he was "helping" you, can't spell worth a shit, and that's enough for me to never respond to his emails!