Thursday, 4 October 2007

A brief insight into Tie and Kitty world....

[3:45] You: Rah
[3:45] Tiernan Serpentine: Blimey, that's a horn and a half
[3:45] Tiernan Serpentine: Umm
[3:45] Tiernan Serpentine: Rah
[3:47] Kitty Lalonde grins and eyes you with baleful eyes, smouldering with emnity as her piercing gaze lacerates you to your soul "Rah rah? Rah rah ra-rah RAH!!! Rah rah ra-ah-ah, rah...." she trails off distracted
[3:48] Tiernan Serpentine scratches her head in confusion, staring at the monster for several moments while it mutters to itself, "Well yes, I don't adhere to that school of thought however. I've always thought they had six legs"
[3:49] Kitty Lalonde looks surprised "Rah?"
[3:49] Tiernan Serpentine nods, "Undoubtedly"
[3:50] Kitty Lalonde stamps her feet frustrated "Rah rah ra-ah-ra rah rah, rah... Rah rah raaaaah rah rah!?"
[3:51] Tiernan Serpentine whips out a handy diagram and a pointing stick which she just found on the beach, "Right, see here? And here? Rah rah? Well, if you combine these two properties and multiply by a random number greater than twenty, it's all quite simple. See?"
[3:52] Kitty Lalonde grabs you in tight embrace tears streaming down her velvety cheeks "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
[3:52] Tiernan Serpentine pats your back comfortingly, "There there, I know, I'm brilliant and you've just been enlightened"

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