Tuesday, 2 October 2007

*sighs* Some people are so.....

Here is my very good friend Madison. She decided to take us on in the prim wars.

Oh yeah and she beat us. Dammit. 2165 is now the bar to be aiming for. Anyhoo now she's happy, I have an ickle wickle bit of Tiny Empires news. Tie got bribed today and the chap who bribed her sent a nice encouraging IM as well. Here's the convo with his name blanked (obviously)

BRIBEY MAN: hi Tiernan :) wanna come over to me in TE? lol
Tiernan Serpentine: *looks deeply offended* For only 230k gold?
BRIBEY MAN: i cant raise the gold myself, sorry :((((((
BRIBEY MAN: and i dont want u for gold but just for ur kindness :)))))))))))))))
Tiernan Serpentine: *draws up a list* I wanted a diamond encrusted carriage, two hundred oiled manservants, a palace made of crystal and strawberries and champagne on tap... then I'll consider it
BRIBEY MAN: ok hop over ;)
Tiernan Serpentine: Hmmm, I'll think about it
Tiernan Serpentine snickers
BRIBEY MAN: im oiling myself now
Tiernan Serpentine: There's a good little princey prince
BRIBEY MAN: like ur attitude, hope ull come :P
Tiernan Serpentine: I was about to click 'yes' but missed it because I was reading your message, sowwy!

Well she's sort of loyal

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