Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Druss Mandala

Okay, you're all going to have to humour me for a moment. Basicallly I have a friend, Druss Mandala who is an oldbie of the highest order... I mean oooooooooooold! You go to the list of Beta Testers on the wall in plum, and whoop dere he is!

Anyway so way back in the mists of time, Druss made a deckchair, which he left free to copy and it snuck itself into every reseller of free things shop in SL. You find some newbie land with a deckchair, it's probably his! With it's charmingly uneven legs and original texture of the united jack, it was one of SL's finest examples of prim work man ship, sadly however he abandoned his account and eventually got it reinstated but lost his inventory in the process, meaning that the deckchair was lost. Until now....

Yes it's true, Druss Mandala is REMAKING the deckchair and intends to spread it like some sort of disease over the metaverse once again! However, I have sneakily created the 'I PWN Druss Mandala deckchair' which is also free to copy.

So be a love and head down to Filth HQ in Tethea and take a copy, leave it out anywhere you can and enable me to become the new deckchair freak of SL and increase my chances of becoming a fully fledged attention seeking whore *cackles maniacally*


1 comment:

Trinity said...

*snickers and reminisces* Ah, the days of the deck chair in Jessie. *smiles softly*