Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Ewwwww they're breaking the grid again!

Well SL is closed, disgustingly closed. Whilst the lindens prod at it with hammers and generally fook things up for everyone. Although there is always the hope that some of the lovelier fashion designers will get on and make summit new. I'm sick of wearing the same clothes.

That's one thing that I appreciate/dislike about Filth, it's distinct lack of fashioness. On one hand, yeah, I'd love to do clothes and what not, but on the other, it's a bit 'predictable'. Not that it stopped me from sidling along to Closet Crisis's fashion contest thing under my Purveyor of Filth tag, decked out in my most awesoming of gunslut outfits. Only to shit myself and umm lose hehe.

But there needs to be more gunslut clothing out there, and more fiesty stuff, something... different. Maybe a bit of harijukuness going on, bright funky ass colours, loads of random accessories, I've seen lots of funkyness, but it's not, to put it bluntly, that well made, and I'm a picky bitch. Also anyone who reads Jelly's blog will have seen here request to stop the sculptie hair, I agree, it looks the same as normal prim hair but with worse textures, so stop it.

(Also while we're on the subject can someone tell Doc Eldritch to leave the fantasy stuff alone for a bit and make some more short skirts such as the valley girl stuff. Ta)

Oh and on the subject of hair (were we? ah well) Can we have less of the two tone half and half ness, and maybe some solid blocks of colour, or how about releasing you hair with some no trans textures in it, so we can pick bit's to stripe and semi stripe, lets have a bit of uniqueness, not just everyone bumbling around with the same hair.

I think I is doned now.

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♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

HIGH5 Kitty! I think designers are majorly slacking!