Sunday, 10 June 2007

Pissed off start to blog

It all started with inventories. Mine and Tie's overflowing with crap that we don't wear/use/fornicate with. So we decided to flog it on to people with less discerning taste (some of the stuff was hideous) this went quite well, although we couldn't be arsed with most of it, or perhaps to ashamed to admit to linden spendage on some of the more retarded items, and deleted shed loads of things. What escaped the cull went in pretty boxes (I like making things pretty, leave me alone) and were happily put out for sale.

It all went swimmingly until I got an IM from a chick complaing that her cum stained face attachment (don't ask) wasn't in it's box. I couldn't find it and neither could she so I refunded her. Then she mentioned she'd bought loads of our stuff and when it arose we hadn't put everything out on sale she offered to make a deal on what was left. I refused and continued on my merry way. After telling Tie about it we checked her pro, and interestingly had a pick for a flea market. So off we trotted and there were some of our things we had sold to her, all up on the wall, for more than we sold it.

Now this pissed us off. No one would buy from a rummage sale or carboot and then put their findings up in a big shiny, badly textured shop, for resale. So I made an ickle sign, partially because I found it amusing, and partially because I was pissed off.

Anyhoo, the sign was up for nearly 2 days, a few people who were shopping had laughed at it, and that was about it. Then today I got an IM

reselling bint: is there a reason your slandering my name?
Me: Hello. You must be talking about the sign? We just put that up in case people had come to the sale earlier and seen an outfit they liked, then returned later. I hope you don't mind us advertising your market
(okay okay, not necessarily sensible but blah)
RB: i am reporting it to linden labs that is slander and a terms of service

Now I love the ToS with it's everchangingness and general hypocrisy. I read it everyday, and to be honest I couldn't find anything on 'slander' in it. Now the texture I used my be considered broadly offensive by most. But other than that I couldn't see her point.

There was some sort of kerfuffle because I hadn't mentioned any other people who had bought stuff at our sale for the same reason (to which I pointed out she'd drawn attention by striking deals) and then....

Me: I really can't see why your so upset, I don't understand why it's slanedr, I'm quite simply stating the truth as I see it
RB: your slandering me
Me: How?
RB: buy implying i rip people off
Me: You bought our stuff, and your selling it at higher prices, that's all I said
RB: and that is slander
Me: If you're not doing that then I'll take it down
RB: its not yours
RB: youdidnt create it

I was now utterly confused and had to look slander up in the dictionary in the hope that my early onset of dementia hadn't gotten worse.

slan·der [slan-der]
1.defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2.a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
3.Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.
–verb (used with object) utter slander against; defame.
–verb (used without object) utter or circulate slander.

So I couldn't see how that worked. The IM's continued thick and fast in which RB sited her RL difficulties for some unapparent reason, and continued with her ToS spiel, and I got incredibly bored by the whole thing until she finally stopped quacking at me.

So at the end of all this the sign stays, it was a bit mean but it amused me endlessly. As me missus so eloquently put it "From now on we'll just give away our old outfits to stop people like her making a quick buck"

*rant over*

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