Tuesday, 17 July 2007

In seriousness...

A while ago I was involved in a project run by the Metaverse Messenger and my good friend Madison. It was a makeover with a difference. It was an SL makeover for people who had survived cancer in RL. Getting various designers in SL to donate their creations to a worthy. I thought the idea was a brilliant one and offered my services as a photie taking thing to Mad's. The lady whose makeover I was recording was an avatar by the name of stori Knopfli. I'd recently given up on doing photies for any sort of business due to my utter boredom with people and having to work and so forth. But stori was a hoot. She was a really lovely girl, and it never once felt like work. I remember her saying about her hair colour as she'd been a red head before, but had ended up blonde as a result of the makeover.

So I did her photo and she loved it and it went in the messenger and all was well.

Until I got an email this morning telling me she had lost her fight with cancer. It's quite strange how affected I am by someone I spent a sum total of an hour with in SL. But I am.

I hope she's found some peace now and I hope this post reminds everyone that there are ways to fight against this sort of thing, and we can ALL do something to make a difference.

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