Friday, 20 July 2007

It's bindun but....

Okay so everyone with a blog has been to greenies, but I've never been a girl famed for either her originality or strength of knicker elastic so here it is.

The thing is this massive hoohah about it all being the work of Starax Stratosky. Well I admit it's possible. I remember interviewing Light Waves AGES ago for Filth, to be fair it wasn't an in depth interview as he/she was cagier than a bag full of umm cages. They also said that they sold the rights to their work to someone else, which I thought was pants (mostly cos they couldn't give me copies of the aliens which had all been up at a sim called Lo Lo for some time). It never crossed my mind that they may have been Starax, although I had convinced myself that Nomansha Syaka was but nevermind.

Another reason why it's possible is due to the existence of a sim called Backstage many years ago. It was much the same idea as greenies, you tp'd into a drawer and you flew out into a room that spanned two sims, I don't recall there being walls but I may have been wrong. It had a little race track on the floor with toy cars you could drive, and a dolls house (remarkably similar to the one at Greenies, although the backstage one had skeletons in the attic). There was also a little bonsai plant, which was my favourite quiet contemplative spot in SL. It was also littered with Starax's work. I have a piccy somewhere of me stood next to a gargoyle of his on the shelf.

None of this matters though, if Starax is back, and doesn't announce that it's his alt, and that he is back, then we should all respect his wish for privacy. Also if it isn't him then don't you think whoever it is will be mightily pissed at people thinking that they are someone else, rather than recognising them for individual talent.

Anyway, that's me done.

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