Thursday, 30 August 2007

My interwebby is (allegedly) back!

Well possibly only temporary but I can upload. So I thought I'd better do some unread hash up of what I've been up to in the last few days.

EEEEK Spiders!!!

Tie and I went to check out the little seen Toxic Garden which is one of the rezzable sims.

It's very very purty and exciting as you can see, but there are these little bastarding spider/ant thingies.

They look all fine, but they chase you. And if they catch you, they teepee you home. Which sucks.

We thought we'd get tooled up and blow seven shades of shit out of them but it didn't work.


In other news we decided to go on a RL camping/sleep in the car trip to find Rayment's Hill, from the Clive Barker novel Weaveworld. Using the book, and old map, and Tie's unerring sense of direction *snorts* we set out on our adventure. Needless to say we didn't find it. However we did learn...
  • A Vauhxall Vectra isn't as nice as a bed.
  • Kitty is completely incapable of pissing in the great outdoors
  • Some bends you have to drive around sloooowly
  • Devon and Somerset are full of crazy people
  • Women in the city of Wells in Somerset don't wear bras
  • Camenbert will make your car smell
Pretty soon we'll be posting a video of some of our RL adventures. Which'll be nice.

And that's it, other than I was inspired by the Cannery exhibition to do some more piccies.

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