Thursday, 16 August 2007

Jumping to conclusions

One of the biggest causes for DRAHMA I found is probably the general misconstruedness of the whole thing. Yes you've know this person in SL for a whole month, yes you've emptied Linden balances together, laughing and cackling and receiving many raised eyebrows from passers-by. But then one slightly random comment throws the whole thing out of kilter.

It's all too easy to misread something, I mean I can't count the number of times that I've misread something in a book, and these things have been written and rewritten, and then edited, proofread, re edited, slung in a freezer for six months, removed, rewritten completely before being released on the general population at large. Ummm oh yeah I digress, but still, the point is you're not meant to misread books, but I still do (mebbe I'm thick, who knows). So when it comes to SL, with it's acronyms, typos, smiley faces and so forth, what hope do I have of not misreading stuff. You also have to take account of the variety of different languages and cultures in SL. In the uk we call each other twats and wankers as a term of endearment. But some people get the hump.

I dunno, I think I'm writing this as a word of warning to people, do not read between my lines, there's nothing there, anything there is generally not added for the benefit of anyone other than Tie. Don't apply standard rules to possible tones etc that I'm using because it'll be completely and hopelessly wrong. If you wanna think summit about a 'way' I might have said something, feel free. You wanna act on that? Step aside.


In other news I seem to be writing for the Metaverse Messenger, please don't think I've forgotten Filth, I haven't, but in keeping with SL being a a fantasy world I'm a sort of workaholic (in a procrastinating lazy, foul mouthed sorta way).

LOOK!!!!!!!! It's a BEEDOG!!!!!!!!!! HAHA! Seriously check this shit out!

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Willis said...

HAHA Wanker and Twat... god I love being English, it's so easy to offend people without even meaning to!