Friday, 15 August 2008

I gots gestures

Okies, so after my ranty post about gestures apparently people paid attention, so here for your delectation is my datey date WOO!

All dates should start with ice cream, I believe it was mentioned the 1874 treaty on dating rights. Notice I shaved my armpits cos I r classy.

After delicious iced goodness we too off on a canoeing expedition, these canoes are actually exceptionally good fun until you have to stop and end up crashing into several previously peaceful fisherman. Oh and seagulls, ducks, walls, sim edges, rocks, trees and your date.

And then fishing, note the competitive postures? The rods were entirely in japanese and neither of us could make head nor tail of them (Even Druss who is fluent in Cantonese *snort*) however I seemed to be better at catching the retarded fish than he was so I lent him a 'lucky charm'....

Credits for the cat have to go to Loaf who founded it and gave it me as a prize! While it may look disturbing in the picture, when rezzed it is doubly so, it's supercilious glaring face following you wherever you may look.. Needless to say it frightened the fish as much as it frightened Druss.

Okay, this is where it gets awesome, the above picture is of the room that was made by a certain sexy someone especially for one dinner. I'm still grinning by how insanely romantic the whole thing was.

Mmm steak.

So yes, I've had a date and I am going to be SMUG about the whole thing for AGES... Nyer!


Ana Lutetia said...

the kitty is so cute! (The small kitty, k?)

Kitty Lalonde said...

Hehe, you'd think it was, but really. When it's rezzed you cannot escape it's icy glare

Willis said...