Sunday, 10 August 2008


Gestures, no not the random shitty howls you get in SL, I mean gestures towards other folk, tokens of appreciation that range from a hug to buying 10 sims so you can spell out I Love You across the maps screen (If anyone does this for you. marry them).

Some people make daily gestures that show their love, compliment, smiles and touches that let you know how cherished you are. Other people will go in for some convoluted plot of pwning proportions to get the message across. I'm one of the later, here's a brief example of how I roll. I went out for a 'walk' to see my 'friend', in the meantime Tie was directed to SL and a date in a room (which I had made/paid for). Upon arriving she was sent on a wild goosechase around search and classified, eventually leading her out to the RL car. In the car was a card with instructions to go to a petrol station around 10 miles away. I was waiting at the station and we swooshed up the A30 to have a picnic.

This is possibly my proudest moment in the dating world. Yes I was stuck sat like a muppet outside a petrol station for well over an hour cos SL's search fucked up, yes from the point when we were reunited I felt like I was a massive anticlimax. But still.

It does make me ponder though. Are grand gestures really necessary? Which would you prefer, lots and little, or vast and infrequent? Is it all entirely necessary and how long can you keep either up for?

I'm stumped on this one, my personal opinion is that grand gestures indicate levels of love felt, that however is prolly mostly who I am, and my skewed vision on couples, love and the world at large. However I do know that it makes me happy to do these things and that I shall continue to do so.


Pay said...

I find myself led to that kind of gesture if I do something at all. I don't sit around and think what would be a great thing to do? It presents itself in some way and even evolves from something completely different into something really cool and of which I can almost take no credit!

Willis said...

Aww I want to marry you :D

I'm not personally bothered by small gestures, they are nice, yes! But I prefer a hug, or a kiss, or just an I Love You, but then I am living with the TinMan so I am deprived of such things often *sob*

Big Gestures are nice and show that you really go all out to show the depths of your love, but again, i'd take a nice verbal gesture and a hug!

I don't want people to think i'm high maintenance, but if I was bought nice things i'd take them!

Your idea is LOVELY, i'd have loved that to happen to me!

Now... we miss yous! :(