Friday, 8 August 2008

We love Gok

We love Gok's Fashion Fix on channel 4, and it always inspires Second Life dress up shenanigans. So we decided to do our own 'Fashion Face Off.

We decided on two categories, Working Girl, and Red Carpet Glamour. From left to right we have ME (Kitty hehe) taking the words 'Working Girl' a bit too far followed by Tie doing things properly. Then ish me again looking surprisingly subtle while Tie aims for full length see through glory.. The SLUT.

Anyhoo, added a poll for people to click on cos I like polls and I've never had one (You can prolly expect one of these once a week now).

Have fun!


Tiernan Serpentine said...

Awww I think your outfits are nicer by far, babes. You're like Gok's more talented protege!

Kitty Lalonde said...

Oh shush you silly thing
*votes for you*

Willis said...

Votes for everyone ever!