Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Broadly Offensives Guide to Fun Sex Toys in SL - Pt 1

Having laid myself bare I can now happily continue on with my mission to filthy peoples minds and make them scared of me, and what better way to achieve this than with my lovely new toy as bought for me by Tie (who knows me far too well to be bothering with crap like jewelry) which is so frighteningly cool I have to blog it, and so have created a cartoon, for little reason other than I thought it would be fun!

Yes.. Well. Anyhoo, it's a happy lil tentacle raping monster that jabbers away to you (With a disturbingly cute voice) and tries to cajole you into opening the backpack ("Hey! I found a shiny diamond ring in here!") so it can spring out and rape you.

It's an amusing fucker as you can set it to have moods, which seems to lead to it getting pissed off ("Why the HELL did you even BUY me if you aren't going to DO anything with me?"), and horniness levels, the higher that is the more likely it is to scream "On your knees, bitch! I'm going to pound you like the whore you are!" and rape you in the middle of Tuli's. You can also lock it in the backpack, but why?

It's available from Sensual Stoneworks the shop that bought you raping flowers, raping caterpillars, raping robots and umm a raping hermaphrodite half woman half zebra.

Scores on the slick and steamy floor

Hilarity 10/10
Perverseness 7/10
Makes you horny 3/10
Liability to get you
banned from somewhere 10/10


Dale Innis said...

Yay pervy talking backpacks! I was about to have to complain that Broadly Offensive wasn't being very offensive lately, but you've fixed that nicely. lolz

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a reason to get off my (non-raped) arse and into SL, here it is.

Merry Mousehold said...

BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA! [snort] [choak] [giggle]

[looks around]

We're glad you enjoyed it?

Kitty Lalonde said...

Glad that broadly offensive is offending people again, and yes sylvie, you do!

Of course I enjoyed it Merry, how could I not with it's delightful wit and charm! You know, this could lead to a whole series of rapey accessories for fashionistas, seriously! Have a think about it eh?

Keaira Skytower said...

LOL, loved reading this hehehehe. How fun. Thanks for sharing, when is part 2 out?