Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Day of the Tentacle

Picture Credits from left to right: Druss Mandala, Tiernan Serpentine and Kitty Lalonde

Kitty Lalonde slobbers over your shoulder
Tiernan Serpentine moans softly as the thick goo slides down her skin
Druss Mandala waves, "Alright Barry"
Kitty Lalonde: Oh, hiya Dave. Good weekend with the missus?
Druss Mandala: Oh yeah same old, you know. We went down the swamp again
Tiernan Serpentine narrows her eyes
Kitty Lalonde: Oh nice, still it's a break innit
Druss Mandala: Oh aye, nice change from the office and all
Kitty Lalonde nods wistfully
Druss Mandala: How's things with you?
Druss Mandala: Little ones still at school?
Kitty Lalonde: Oh, not bad, can't comlain really, although I'm a bit worried with BT laying off so many engineers at the moment
Kitty Lalonde: I mean my qualifications are good but..
Kitty Lalonde: There were some nasty rumours back along
Druss Mandala nods in sympathy
Kitty Lalonde slops on the floor
Druss Mandala: Still, you could always go back to your old job in the pub
Kitty Lalonde: I could, it just seems like a step back. You know? And Denise is putting pressure on me to get her up the duff
Druss Mandala scratches his arse with a tentacle
Kitty Lalonde sighs and bubbles sadly
Druss Mandala: Denise? Blimey mate, you moved on from that Gertrude quickly
Druss Mandala: She still at uni?
Kitty Lalonde: Yeah, she was never going to hang around. Plus she used to say I had a tiny tentacle. I mean, c'mon, a large slimy monster can only take so much
Tiernan Serpentine bites her lip and holds her hand up, "Ummm is it true that you lot rape women horribly?"
Kitty Lalonde: Scuse us love, do you mind? Private conversation
Druss Mandala: Pffft I saw your tentacle in the changing rooms at the local pool, and it's not tiny at all! Not that I was looking or anything but y'know, you can't help but notice stuff...
Kitty Lalonde: Aww Dave, you've always been good to me you 'ave
Tiernan Serpentine looks deeply embarrassed, "Oh I'm sorry..."


WillowC said...

Fewer sloanes can live in you now. Tut.

Willis said...

As I said on your flickr pic..

Tentacle sex?


Kitty Lalonde said...


As I said on my flickr "Moi? Never.."

And Willow C. I say pffft to you