Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Help meh!

So if y'all read my previous post about people who be begging and shit. Well... I've had a whole heap O' trouble from that. Yes my poor pixel arse is getting sued *sighs dramatically*

So in true style of keeping you updated here's the skinny.

Lieh Nessen: hello remenber me?
Kitty Lalonde: Sadly yes
Lieh Nessen: i dont liked to see
Lieh Nessen: my conversation in a websitye
Lieh Nessen: website*
Kitty Lalonde: Well I don't like to be harrassed by scabs in the middle of a shop, and neither do my friends
Kitty Lalonde shrugs
Lieh Nessen: ^^
Lieh Nessen: great
Lieh Nessen: i holp you press delete soon
Lieh Nessen: bye
Kitty Lalonde: 'kaay

This was about a week ago and then today I got...

Lieh Nessen: HEY
Kitty Lalonde: Did you?
Lieh Nessen: yes
Kitty Lalonde: Oh dear...
Lieh Nessen: better you take or you will get problems with the justice
Lieh Nessen: you cant put my name in a spot without my permission
Lieh Nessen: do you knew?
Kitty Lalonde: Ummmm
Kitty Lalonde: What justice? Is it anything like the Justice League?
Lieh Nessen: ...
Lieh Nessen: im not kidding dear
Kitty Lalonde: Well technically, it's not really your name
Lieh Nessen: is my caracter name
Kitty Lalonde: It's the name of your second life avatar, which, in theory is owned by linden labs
Lieh Nessen: so it tecgnically is my name
Kitty Lalonde: Well it'd be kinda hard for someone to take issue with really
Kitty Lalonde: And to be honest, if you hadn't been such a scab it wouldn't be there in the first place would it?
Kitty Lalonde shrugs
Lieh Nessen: i give you 1 week
Lieh Nessen: bye
Kitty Lalonde: Buh bai now!
Lieh Nessen: vai te foder por agora

Which was all terrifying as you may well imagine. Much shaken now I got a call from her 'Lawier'

Alessa Christen: Hello mrs. Lalonde
Kitty Lalonde: Hello?
Alessa Christen: Iam a Lawier
Alessa Christen: I came to talk about you website
Kitty Lalonde: Oh yes..
Alessa Christen: You could have problems with the justi├že... because you cant put name of people in a Website without their permission
Alessa Christen: I'm just here to advice you
Alessa Christen: So I hope you will clear that post...
Alessa Christen: Bye
Alessa Christen: Thank you for your attention :)
Kitty Lalonde: Well yes, I'm sure you can't (obviously ignoring the countless celebrities and other household names who have their names mention in websites on a daily basis) but it's not her name, it's an online moniker and therefore owned by linden labs, THEY however do have a policy on not posting conversations. However it's not for the whole web, just the second life site, and SL itself
Kitty Lalonde: So umm yeah! Have a nice day y'all
Alessa Christen: If you dont clear it in about 21 week, Lieh Nessen has the right to report it to the autorities
Kitty Lalonde: Okies
Alessa Christen: With her SL name someone can get her personal Details
Alessa Christen: Unless she give you permission to do what you did
Alessa Christen: Have a very nice day
Kitty Lalonde: Well okies, but I'm afraid I'm going to counter claim for misleading information
Kitty Lalonde: And general breaches of the trades description acts
Kitty Lalonde: And AR for harrassment
Kitty Lalonde: Both of you
Kitty Lalonde: Ta ra now!
Alessa Christen: Bye
Alessa Christen: I work with Law...
Alessa Christen: Better be carefull honey
Kitty Lalonde: Darlin' you can't even spell lawyer
Kitty Lalonde smiles
Alessa Christen: So sweet...

Meanwhile back at Kitty Lalonde is a slandering biatch HQ

Tiernan Serpentine: Oh hiya, I was just looking at your profile. There's a bit you need to change
Lieh Nessen: ?
Tiernan Serpentine: "please dont ask me for mony or beg for something"
Tiernan Serpentine: Thanks!
Lieh Nessen: do i know you??:S
Tiernan Serpentine: Yes you were begging me for money the other day
Lieh Nessen: a..
Lieh Nessen: can you go to ... can you dont molest me?
Lieh Nessen: ty
Tiernan Serpentine: You IM'd me dear, I didn't IM you the first time. I'm not molesting anyone just saying it's a bit naughty telling people not to beg you for money when you go around begging hehe
Lieh Nessen: wow great
Lieh Nessen: shut up now
Tiernan Serpentine: Okies, bye bye now!

That's all for now, as I wait to dodge the fearsome shadowy lawyer creatures and snipers bullets, I will leave you with some helpful advice.

If people try and skank a few L$ out of you, just orbit them. It's a lot less time consuming.


Willis said...

ugh, i'm barfy and you almost made me sick with laughter.


Copyright his name so he's stuffed! TM HIS BUTT. Register something he owns!

Kitty Lalonde said...


I SO should! Right I am officially appointing you Willis™ Attorney at Large™®©

Go get 'em!™

Willis said...


I'll be your Lawier™®©™®©

Anonymous said...

I remember that girl!
She kept IMing me with "Hey! Do you see me!" "Hey I'm in front of you DO YOU SEE ME?!" "HEEEEY!"
... I was afk as usual :p

Kitty Lalonde said...

That was probably for the best Essie!

WillowC said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA priceless. Can we keep her in a cupboard and bring her out when we get bored?


ZOMG now she'll have to sue me too :o

Trinity said...

LOLiers rool!

Wrath Paine said...

I can't believe she figured out how to read your blog.

But, I guess that's why she pays her Lawier the big bucks.

Which, by the way, she will now need another 1 or 2 L$ to pay her legal fees.

Kitty Lalonde said...

That's very true Wrath. When she IM's me next shall I send her over to you?

Paypabak said...

A real lawier, one who could read, merely needed to read the title of your blog to know the two words most reel lawiers dread to reed:

No Case!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the Justice League getting involved with crap like this - I'm calling it BS.