Friday, 7 March 2008

You prolly didn't know I was gone but...

I have been gallavanting around the english countryside (Brum and Lahnden) for the last two days without any interwebby AT ALL. Which was all very fun/depressing/new for me.

Me and Tie headed to the big smoke to go and see the remains of a crazy egotistical blokes dreams of umm craziness. Otherwise know as the Emperor of Qin's Terracotta Army.

As you may/may not know the British Museum got they're sticky paws (although they were most likely told to clean them first) on some of these statue thingies, and bought them back to Londoncestershire to show all the excitable british people (Or those who felt to pay 10 quid to look a big clay men).

Actually I sound terribly flippant as it was all very cool (And crowded, dear god what I would have given for some sort of stabbing device) even if me and Tie spent more time snickering over the horses genitalia and what the blokes were doing with their hands.

So anyhoo, for those that care, that's where I've been, and now I'm back but may be uncommunicatable as I will most probably being sordi.... I mean productive, in my dunge... Shop, yes shop.



WillowC said...

We could learn a lot from this housing venture, you know. And the genitalia. Always something to be learned from a good bit of genitalia. Welcome back!

Willis said...

OH! My eldest wants to go see that Army, probably so she can work out how the hell to take over the world with terracotta.

I don't live far from Brum, had you told me of your shenanigans I could have STALKED you, and got you free food, the other half gets free food at work! FREE BANANAS FOR ALL!