Saturday, 1 March 2008

Keep Dreamin'

Ok ok, I'm perfectly aware that blogging a dream you had is a bit lame but... Fuck off! My blog, so nyer.

The thing is I have the freakiest dreams ever so I shall share them so you can all see what a loon I am and ostracise me from society.

It all started when I had gone to a place I lived at when I was around 12, it's a little town called Yateley somewhere along the Surrey/Hampshire border. So in my dream I'd gone back, for whatever reason, and was quite happily wandering around when a giant (and I mean proper giant, this thing could be dating Godzilla and still wouldn't be able to wear heels) fly type creature set about DESTROYING THE EARTH!

Some how me and Tie survived but were taken in by a Gorean camp who told us that everyone was dead and kept us in nasty slave conditions. Interestingly these slave conditions were not silks/nakie/little silver bells hanging from your minge. But just normal clothes. I met Tie up briefly when she jumped over a wall which featured a 20ft drop on the other side. Then she was all bruised and shit but had to go and work anyway. By this point it all gets a bit hazy as to the timeline of events. But there were definately big rooms full of things pertaining to a person or persons. There was an Elton John room. Some sort of boyband and a film which may or may not exist, but it was all 80's and culty.

Anyhoo, then I went to be collared *sighs* and the room was a bit like a place called Dairy Land. Now there's no pictures of the milking room on the site, but that's what it was like with a big perspex table thing. It all got a bit hazy from that point. But then I was in a field in a car with a gorean master creature scampering round outside but he'd left the keys in! So I leapt in the front seat much to the dismay of the six other slavey creatures (Who all hated me) and sped off only to discover when I hit the main road that THE GOREANS WERE LYING! There were cars and peoples everywhere, but now the police were chasing us with the gorean and it was all incredibly exciting but I woke up... Which was a bit sucky.

Anyhoo, lil insight into my world there.


Willis said...

I'll take that crack off your hands, ta!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your dream, it sounds very exciting! I dreamt that I woke up and made tea, and then I realised I was still asleep. So, I got up and... made tea >.<