Saturday, 29 March 2008

Willow creates nostalgia, Kitty dives in gleefully

The delightful Ms Zander did a bloggity blog post on nostaligia, and asked everyone to do one of their own, rather than fill her comments with my tales I thought I'd do it here, clever no?

When I originally joined SL in the dark dark days of 2004 I was a complete retard. This was compounded by not having the 'proper' graphics card and therefore rendering everything on an avatar completely invisdible apart from their eyes and any prims (this was 2004 though, people didn't wear prims because when they did they were shunned by society for creating lag). Pathetically I whimpered at the help people (god I miss them) and met Alliez Mysterio, who took me under her wing and gave me one of her newbie apartment thingies, which was my first home. When the time period on that ran out (one month, it was gone all to quickly *sighs*) I went and squatted on a friends land in one of the fancy pants snow sims. Unfortunately I did have to fly across two sims from the telehub, but nevermind. (Side note: I miss telehubs, you got to see people at them and it was all very exciting, I landed on Anshe Chung once). After this my land baron friend (once again, back in the days where land barons were proper barons and they had a little list on the SL website that they used to masturbate over saying who had the most land and none of them used bots) sold me some land for nowt in Quat (I was shagging him at the time) and on this I attempted to build a gypsy caravan (crap) and a pub (also crap)

Me and Tie sometime around christmas 04, dressed as
half snails and standing on my pub

Shortly after all this I had to leave SL, and didn't come back til 2006. I bought a plot in Yawgoo, sadly not because it had a funny name. After that I went and squatted with Tie I think, it's all extremely fuzzy, in Tofte and from then on we bought the sim (*smug*).

It's weird though, even having a sim (*more smug*) I still miss Quat, I dunno, it was all very homely, Play Sexy just round the corner, lots of water and stuff. There's still land for sale there and I'm still tempted at times. But then I am a crazy person.

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Willis said...


I'm jealous you have a sim, and I *so* wish I had one, even though I know it wouldn't feel at all like home.

Bring back '04!