Monday, 10 March 2008

I is all famous and shit!

So I got to meet CodeBastard Redgrave on some sort of photostudio event releasing thingy. We got all chatty and she turned out to be an MG fan (and a complete and total slut too, but hey! The best ones always are *winks*).

Anyhoo, upshot of a long story is I gots to be one of the Boudoir Rouge babe creatures and THAT is my photo. You can see everyone else from the collection (as I'm all nice a stuff) here.

p.s. GO ME!!!

p.p.s. Abyss boots ftw


WillowC said...

ZOMG I'm so jealous, you look stunning! CodieBee's pics are amazing. Nice job batperson!

CB said...

TSSSS! you fucking crazy bish!! at least put the HIGH RES version of the picture, you total amateur! ;P ;)

yes i'm a slut. especially when your around, seems your a great inspiration to me.

seriously, that was fucking cool having you on my set. was delightful. yes yes, the sluttiest are the sweetest.

i love you, you goddamn gorgeous whore! <3