Monday, 31 March 2008


Sadly this isn't a post about the hugely popular group from the early nineties, I just used it cos it sounded good at the time. Although this post is about dreams. As seen in previous posts I've always been a fairly vivid dreams. I even think I've had some nostradamus type visions in my dreams (for example, I dreamt I was on one of them red london buses with the open roofs and it was being followed by a fireball/meteorite, the next day it was on the news that someone, possibly the IRA I'm not sure, had blown up a london bus) anyway, these have always made me slightly wary of my own dreams. Which all makes it slightly hard when for the last few weeks nearly every single one of my dreams has been a nightmare. The worst one was the other night, I'm not going into it but it kinda makes me not want to sleep anymore. Obviously I did go to sleep and dreamt that Tie was having an affair, all very jolly until I realise that Tie had been downstairs on the tooter while I was asleep.

It's all fairly possible that my dreams are my paranoia's raising their ugly heads. Do I think Tie is having an affair? No. But now I can't fight off the sickening feeling I felt in my dream.

All things considered I should either A:Stop eating cheese before bed B:Find some sleepers or C:Get over myself. But for now I feel much better for involving a small part of the world in my imaginary drahmah.


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WillowC said...

Nightmares stick with you all day sometimes, especially the really vivid ones. Hugs, it'll go away by morning.

I tell you what will make you feel better though: dreaming a very specific preminition of me meeting a fabulous millionaire who wants to spend every penny on my whims.