Monday, 5 January 2009


I was sitting around quite happily and obsessively refreshing new plurks when one from Iris Seale caught my eye. She was asking for thoughts and opinions on The Deeb House, a prefab house made by, amongst others, Asri Falcone. Normally I'd have looked at the pictures and gone "Nice house" and left it at that. But this house is sold for the bargain price of L$18,995.

Now while I freely admit to never buying a house in SL (pet builder ftw) I wanted to see how the rich side live so I duely tp'd off to check it out. I tentatively entered (dude, 19k is a lotta lindens and I didn't want to be paying for damages!) and yeah, from the get go it looks ok. Nothing initially screams to me that it's worth it's 19k nice cos I'm cheap, but nice nonetheless. It's laid out like an episode of cribs and has a realistic feel to it, everythings all in proportion and show homey.

Right, compliments done, lets bring out the bitch. I prewarn you that while all these issues are niggly things, teeny tiny little things that most people will (and prolly do) overlook, I'm a picky fucker and if you want me to spend in the area of £50 quid on a virtual house, it should really be £50's worth of house. It should be the pride and joy of the creator and not look like someones gone "Oh fuck it" towards the end and buggered off to play SLopoly.

I'm not going to go to list every single nitpick here because I haven't bought it, I'm not that stupid, and don't really have much right to, but gappy prims, misaligned textures and a freebie door script which tells you you're at the door (I fucking know, I opened it didn't I?) and plays the same sound for every single door in the place. Well that sort of thing could drive a girl crazy especially when 19k equals a whole lot of sex toys.

In short, in my honest and slightly mouthy opinion anyone who has bought this house is pandering to an inflated ego and needs to back the fuck away from buying stuff. Anyone thinking about buying the deeb house should go to Barnesworth Anubis' and buy something made by someone who actually looks like they give a shit about their work and customers, not just after making the quick buck.

Now I'm well aware this all prolly looks like I have an axe to grind with Asri and I'm all bitter and bitchy, well I kinda am. Le Cadre was a massive thing when I first started SL, and her shop was as busy as Armidi is these days, but my opinion is she sold out. Keeping prices sky high for stuff that now looks old and dated, reselling your business and charging the moon for something you didn't care enough to make sure was perfect? It's all about the money.

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Tiernan Serpentine said...

Well said! I must admit I was pretty shocked when I went to look at that building, and other ones for sale in the same sim.

The overall look is very amateurish with flat, paper-like alpha walls, railings and windows, boring textures and none of the elements you might expect from a 19k build: beautiful handmade and well aligned textures, lighting and shadow effects, interesting features. A lot of the prims don't even line up.

Altogether very sloppy!

Though what amazes me is the number of people saying how lovely the build is. I don't get it!