Thursday, 1 January 2009

Meme love... LAST!

Internet memes are spontaneous expressions of some current craze or idea, so here's my version of Kitty's meme... like two weeks too late (I was busy masturbating!).

Five outfits I used to wear. I'd like to point out before the picture that these outfits are from 'back in the day' when there wasn't very much clothing choice really, especially not in the prim shoe department. And you wore whatever you could lay your eager hands on.

From left to right I r wearing Kitty and Capris by Jolie Lumiere, denim whore pants from Lost along with celine hot pink booty boots from Le Cadre (both of which I used to live in for quite a few months. The third outfit consists of Sythia Veil's pink skull outfit along with the lovely cum fuk me boots also from Le Cadre... were there actually any other prim shoe shops in 2004? And finally Barerose's egoist outfit. Most of these clothes are no doubt no longer available which on balance is for the best.

Onto stuffs I currently wear which mostly comprises things from the slutty casual wardrobe. My lovely nipple revealing (not shown) anjuna shirt from Zaara with a Hollee's bra, and League woodstock jeans with Pornstar Xtra high-tops which are both pretty much glued on a lot of the time. Oh! And the very funky little skirt from Blow-up which I own in many, many variations.

And finally stuff I have NEVER worn, honest. Ummm the first one was some sort of moment of madness in Weird Shit with a thought process along the lines of, 'what an amusing outfit, that'll come in handy'. On the other hand the Aoharu orange wave dress and rubber booties from Schmooz with little pictures of Che Guevara on I do genuinely love, but they're just too blindingly bright and colourful to actually wear. Number three... yes well, it will be the perfect outfit for a period tea party event one day. And finally a random trouser outfit from my vast Last Call folder. It's beautifully made and textured like everything from Last Call and also never worn like pretty much everything in that folder.


Kitty Lalonde said...

Oooo a blog post! From you! Who'd have thunk it!

I do remember you wearing those pink boots, as much as I remember you arguing that those (and another shoe person who I shall not name) were 'better' than new shoes from the likes of Shiny Things and Maitreya *pats* we'll just pretend that never happened, eh?

Another small critique, I, yes, me.. Your WIFE! Bought you the house outfit.. Because I thought you having a door over your ladybits was highly amusing as well.. You do have an open door policy on that area.

Oh and it may not have been those retina burning boots, but I believe I bought you some retina burning boots that you NEVER EVER WEAR... Even to put in a blog post about things you NEVER EVER WEAR!


You'll be hearing from my divorce lawier in due course.

*distant hugs*

Tiernan Serpentine said...

Oh YOU were responsible for the house outfit? I shall wear it continuously from this moment on then.

As for the rest of it my lawier is preparing a list of names of everyone involved in this case and he says that, "Tiernan Serpentine is a valued member of the community and will be bringing charges for the stress, pain, suffering and general trauma of this and other unjustified attacks. She has and continues to contribute written and graphical material to the blogs/networks Women of Second Life and other such masterpieces of writing."

Kitty Lalonde said...

FINE! But YOU better put a ™ after my name

Tiernan Serpentine said...

Kity Lapond™


Kitty Lalonde said...

yer fucked up, love. my friends at will eat you in the omnipresent cathedral of temptations and circumnavigated brevity


Pay said...

LMFAO ... you two are too much! Interesting revelation on your inventory habits with the "Last Call" folder ... I've been meaning to implement that kind of storage myself, though I don't own a thing from Last Call ...