Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Applying for roleplay sims is fun

Todays Date:
13th September 2007

Dinglemy Doodle

How did you find Claiming Beauty?
I found it to be charm personified

Have you read the "Beauty" trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure?
No, but i have read the autobiography of a bed spring from the film Debbie does Dallas, which I gather is much the same thing

Do you have roleplay experience?
No (ha! Do you see what I did there? I was playing a person who had never roleplayed! Clever huh? Actually I studied roleplay for three years under Professor Mike Hunt at Oxford)

What role would you like to assume?
I would like to assume the role of a quiet gentle neanderthal

Please give a character history, a good background story increases the likelihood of your membership being accepted.

Boris is a neanderthal from 350,000 years ago who, due to the advances in cloning, has been reawoken.
Fueled with anger and a deep sense of loss for his mate Doris, he went on a crazed rampage, slaughtering many rabbits and even a large water vole.
Luckily he happened upon a small village, and took refuge behind the large waterfall.
Much of his time is spent sitting and brooding, occasionally hitting people with sticks and starring in films with Mark Wahlburg and Helena Bonham-Carter

If accepted, would you be willing to include Claming Beauty in you picks along with a character bio of your character?
My dears, I would paint an advert on the end of my penis and dance about naked for all to see.

For registry on the official website www.***********.com please include an email address :

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