Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Some sort of tagging crap...

Four Jobs

Selling catfood by cold calling - Mmmm that one was fun, though amazingly over the course of several months at least three people actually bought some.

Insurance queries twat - Even more fun.

Correlating traffic survey data - Yay for data entry!

Bookshop salespersonmuppet - No, you don't get to sit around reading all day sadly.

Four Favourite Fillums

True Romance - Just an awesome story.

The Big Lebowski - Because Kitty hates, loathes and detests it (though she hasn't even seen it, the weirdo)

Requiem for a Dream - Nasty, harrowing, depressing but very very cool nevertheless.

Ghost in the Shell - It's a more recent favourite, I think it's the music more than anything (though the whole thing is very beautiful).. totally hypnotic.

Four Places I've Been

I have to keep this list short and pathetic or Kitty will probably explode in a very messy pile of jealousy, so umm here are four fairly crap places.. yes they are honestly.

Croatia - If you're British be prepared to consume a lot of saliva as they don't like us very much and don't mention the war.

San Diego - It's really nasty and rains all the time, though if anyone felt to put a fish burrito in the post I'd be eternally grateful *pokes Trinity*

Rhyl (in Wales) - I was trying to get to Carlisle but got on the train going in the opposite direction.

Istanbul - I couldn't tell you much about it as I was only there for a day and had a terrible hangover.

Four Places I've Lived

Leamington Spa - too posh, apparently.

Manchester - Less bad than most people think.

Worthing - Where you go to die.

Cornwall - YAY

Four Favourite TV Shows

Ummm, I don't really watch any tv shows religiously anymore but from back in the day...

Chicago Hope - Nobody else ever watched it but as hospital programs go I thought it was great!

Neighbours/Home and Away - blah blah

Crystal Maze - Until it changed and became crap.

Twin Peaks - Weird goodness.

Four Favourite Radio Shows

Trinala obviously, I like their lunchtime news updates and traffic reports. Umm can't think of any others. Oh, Trinala maybe?

Four Places I'd Rather Be

Here but in some sort of slightly altered dimension type thing where I have loads of money.

Yay it's over!


WillowC said...

You have inspired me, my dear. Although I'm not sure it's a good thing...



Also: OI it wasn't crap :P

Tiernan Serpentine said...

I carefully reviewed the quality of the questions, their content, implications, context, subtext and inner meaning and realised that it was an amazingly meaningful meme and not remotely crap. Well done!

WillowC said...


Trinity said...

Yes, San Diego sucks to visit. Please, no one come to San Diego. Ever. Tiernie, they ran out of fish here. Sorry. I can send you tripe soup though. <3