Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm vain so...

I'm going to pretend Willow Caldera had me in mind when she did some taggering.

Sooo four things eh? Well.

Four Jobs

Waitress - crap

Checkout muppet - also crap

Burger King lacky - So bad I only managed one day before making up a random excuse as to not be working there any more

Seller of fishing trips to the general population - This one was fun actually, I got to sit in a box at the harbour reading my book until some group of male creatures came past, then I flashed them me tits and a cheery smile and sold them on going for a four hour fishing trip.

Four Favourite Movies

Gah, well Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is on the list, because it is bloody great, and also very self helpy in many ways. Oh and has Kate Winslet looking very drunken and shaggable.

Aliens - Yeah shup. I loves Aliens, and I like it over the first one on the grounds it's much more exciting and has Micheal Biehn in.

Dusk Til Dawn - George Clooney. Hot tattoo. Blood. Sweat. Vampires. Easy choice.

Anything hentai with tentacles in or Mary Poppins. You pick.

Four Places I've Been

Oh dear, I am the least travelled person ever. I haven't even made it to Scotland, although I have been all over France when I was a nipper so that will have to be it.

Four Places I've Lived



London for around two weeks when I was small.

All over Cornwall

Four Favourite TV Shows

I don't really watch tv much, but in the name of memes

Friends - I don't care, I like it

Knightmare - BEST KIDS PROGRAM EVER. Sadly unavailable now unless you have fanshy sky boxes.

Robot Wars - Did I mention how geeky I was? Sorry but I found much entertainment in modified lawnmowers beating seven shades of shit out of each other.

Any program involving police chases, or car crashes or American blokies calling the roads in Britain freeways.

Four Favourite Radio Shows

Nup, can't do it, since the untimely demise of John Peel I only listen to radio when I get bored of CD's in the car.

Four Places I'd rather be

Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe.

Somewhere in the Nevada desert with a big old truck thing and a gun.

On the set of the Truman Show

In bed.

In the spirit of giving I'm going to throw this wide open to whoever wants it (Tie, you HAVE to do it), if you do feel all warm and special and want do the nasty meme thing, please gimme a link so I can look!



WillowC said...

My mate was on Knightmare! He wore a pink shirt and was very small and they only made it through like 3 rooms before the kid in the hat fell off something tall and that pulsing red skull thing happened. He's still proud today, and who can blame him?

Kitty Lalonde said...

OMG! Now I'm jealous.


Trinity said...

I cannot believe you didn't say the TriNala show was one of your favorites. I am crushed and will slink off into a corner now. Until the next show. I'll come out for that. But then it's back to the corner. Hrmph.

Kitty Lalonde said...

Ummm well *coughs* obviously the Trinala show IS my favourite, but *ahem* I didn't want to upset the 'other' readers of my blog by banging on AGAIN about how much I love the Trinala show like I have been doing so for the last month.

*quickly edits the last 10 blog posts and joins you in the corner*

Trinity said...

mmmhhmmm. Get your own corner, my bruised ego is too swollen for another body.