Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tie and Kitty are SERIOUS fashionistas...

Not like the rest of you wannabe's.

Here's the proof.

Tiernan Serpentine: You is all nakie!
Kitty Lalonde: Am not
Tiernan Serpentine tweaks the chains piercing your nipples and nods, "nuh uh, so are
Kitty Lalonde: I believe, as you just so eloquently emoted, I'm wearing chains, and therefore, according to Gladwill's 13th law on dress sense and the occlusion of Greta, that I am, categorically, NOT naked
Kitty Lalonde smiles benignly
Tiernan Serpentine: Pffft don't talk to me about Gladwill's law, as we all know he was roundly condemned as irrelevant when the subclause of Giberny's general laws of fashion, design and toothwear were passed
Tiernan Serpentine shakes her head, staring at you in amazement
Tiernan Serpentine: Therefore, entirely nakie!
Kitty Lalonde: I would never have taken you for a Gibernite... Never
Kitty Lalonde is stunned
Tiernan Serpentine mutters something about the separatists, mentioning 'retards' under her breath
Kitty Lalonde: I am not retardid
Tiernan Serpentine: You lot are so reactionary, just making a fuss about nothing
Tiernan Serpentine quotes from Giberny, ".... and thus, as aforementioned in the proceeding chapter, apropro of clause 3.7 and not disregarding the pending legislation, a chain covering the nipple may be classed as clothing but a chain passing through the uncovered nipple is only ever slutty and should be noted as such, furthermore...."
Kitty Lalonde: Well how do you explain Giberny's fall from grace in 1985 when he was found to have learnt all his vast knowledge of the fashion industry from one issue of the Littlewoods catalogue and his subsequent revoking of his Fashion Council license
Kitty Lalonde looks smug
Tiernan Serpentine: Well that's as maybe but as we all know very well two years later Littlewoods was featured at the world famous Cardiff fashion extravaganza, at which time Bradbury said quite categorically that Littlewoods was a 'forward looking, exciting and standard setting' and as I'm sure you can recall the Daily Fashion Blogger said they were 'enthralled by the innovation of [Littlewoods]'
Kitty Lalonde snorts and stomps off

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