Friday, 4 April 2008

What we did in London town

I'm sure everyone was distraught beyond all distraughtness at my absence yesterday.. No? Well pfft.

Me and Tie headed off to old london town to show me kids some dinosaurs at the natural history museum. After me being retarded and not putting my alarm clock forward an hour we eventually dragged our collective arses out at 7:30am (We were aiming for 6 *sighs*) four hours of driving ensued, highlights of which were, Stonehenge, VERY slow drivers in front of me and Radio one playing Wing (hilarious) which everyone else in the car slept through. Got on the M3 and handed it all over to Nerves of Steel™ who was our designated 'driving in scawy london' driver and amazingly found the museum, AND found a parking space. Both the science and natural history museums have changed though (prolly a good thing, I last went when I was 12) but we did get to see the big T rex which was cool.
Our general modus operandi at such places is to run round looking at everything whilst avoiding the educational and poking at the fun stuff. Oh and then you have to pile into the shop to buy expensive crap that will break in two minutes.

All doned we piled back into the car and scampered around london looking at the sights from the safety (*snorts*) of the car, when I say sights I mean all the big builderings like the eye and tower bridge and so forth. Oh and Battersea Power Station, which for some reason I'm in love with, it just looks very big and ominous. Then I got us lost, and more lost. I think everyone appreciated the hour long detour through south london though. After that it was pub dinner and me driving along the M4/M5 quite cheerfully (playing many games with a little silver vw golf, mostly involving overtaking each other at varying intervals and slowing down for the 20 billion unmarked police cars on the M4 who had pulled people over) but giving in on the A30 due to my leg having issues with my driving.

I'm quite obsessed with driving, as Tie pointed out yesterday I'm like indiana jones in a car with everything being an adventure and having something to talk about on every single trip.

So yes, long and boring but that's where I was.


WillowC said...

I don't think Indiana Jones squealed whenever he saw an interestingly shaped tuft of grass. Just sayin.

Kitty Lalonde said...

He did too...

Tiernan Serpentine said...

Indiana Jones didn't find the fabled ruby ark of the wombles either (which now has pride of place on the mantel piece)