Tuesday, 29 April 2008

EEK!! A chain!

Anyone who cares to have asked (sadly very few) will know I have an intense dislike of chain things, emails, letters, notecards. I despise them all, the only chain I want contact with is a prim nipple type of chain, but I digress.

The problem is when the people I love send me these chain things, I want to respond, really I do, but I'm anti chain, so for those of you that have sent me the 'Getting to know you' note card, here's my response.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
7:45 am

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds, I dunno, pearls are just meh.

3. What was the last film you saw in the theatre?
Well Tie and I went to see that new Dead film by George A Romero. The one with the camcorder and the acid zombie destruction.

4. Favorite TV Show?
Bah, I don't really watch telly, so I shall say Friends.

5. What do you usually have for breakfast?
Cigerettes, left overs or toast, or nothing. Oh and Tie's delicious tea.

6. What is your middle name?

7. What food do you dislike?
Sprouts, cliched but true.

8. What is your favorite cd at the moment?
Umm I generally make up mix cds to play in the car. But I do like them

9. Favorite sandwich?
Noodles (see previous post)

10. What characteristic do you despise?
People who constantly whinge about how fucking terrible their job/partner/life is without actually listening to advice or indeed doing anything about it.

11. Favorite item of clothing?
Head bands, great for keeping hair in a restrained fashion. Also my boobie enhancing (but often painful) bra

12. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation...
I want to drive across the states randomly for a few months. Possibly with a gun.

13. What color is your bathroom?
That horrible 'I'm redecorating' bits of wallpaper and bare wall effect. Although it's been like that for a while...

14. Do you make friends easily?
Sort of, I'll natter away with anyone but I'm so easily distracted. I think I neglect most of my friends to be honest.

15. Where would you retire?
In some sort of random little community, where you see the old dears in flowery dresses watering flowers and flirting with their 60 yr old 'toy boy'

16. What was your most recent memorable birthday?
Oh crap, I shall probably annoy many people with this (Sorry Tie) but I only ever really remember going to the zoo on my 21st and getting to feed the lemurs... Don't ask.

17. Favorite sport to watch?
Erm... The sport I mind watching least is probably rugby. Or gymnastics.

18. How many towns have you lived in?
Somewhere in the region of 7 I think

19. How many people do you think will send this back?
No one! Cos I'm not sending it.

20. What is on your bedroom floor right now?
What isn't on my floor at the moment..... Off the top of my head, several books, lots of strewn rizlas, some clothes, lots of crap, some chains, the box Tie's giant telly came in and a cartoon I drew (on request) of a horse fucking a woman.... Well you wanted honesty.

21. Favorite saying?
Anyhoo - Me

22. When is your birthday?
28th September

23. Morning person or night person?
I prefer mornings but nights are less stressful

24. What is your shoe size?
An english 8/9

25. Pets?
1 kitten, which is no longer a kitten but is still referred to as such

26. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
I got GTA IV today... Go me!

27. What did you want to be when you were little?
Many many things, including a journo, marine biologist, actress, singer and witch (Mildred Hubble was terrible for small children)

28. Which talent would you most like to have?
Hypnosis.. Oh the fun.

29. Which words or phrases do you overuse?
Huzzah, anyhoo and I digress. Oh and snickers.

30. What is your favorite flower?
White lilies

31. What is the day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
Erm.... Christmas?

32. What color are your eyes?
Blue, blue/grey, possibly slate blue (Never ask Tie to define your eye colour)

33. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Zoids. They pwnd everything else on the planet.

34. Summer or winter?
Winter, coldness and blankety snuggles.

35. Hugs or kisses?
EEK human contact! *runs away screaming*

36. Chocolate or vanilla?
If we're talking milkshake? Vanilla

37. Do you want your friends to send this back to you?

38. What is under your bed?
Monsters. And large amounts of crap and nostalgia.

39. When was the last time you cried?
Good question, I have no idea

40. Who is the friend you have had the longest in SL?

41. What did you do last night?
Played WoW til 2am, had a shower, talked to Tie, passed out.

42. Favorite smell?
Chanel Allure or Dior Addict

43. What are you afraid of?
Jellyfish, moths and large things underwater (such as whales and airplanes)

44. Plain, sweet, or salted popcorn?

45. How many keys on your keyring?
Pass, I lost my keys months ago and just use Ties

46. How many years at your current job?
What's a job?

47. Do you have any scars?
Loads, I'm an obsessive scab picker, my most notable non surgical scar is one that resembles a bean on my left knee. I got that hurtling around a sharp bend on my moped and scraping myself along a cornish wall.

48. Favorite day of the week?
Fridays are nice

49. What is your worst habit?

50. How old were you when you got your first crush on someone?
Umm I believe that would have been around the age of 7 (and it was Macguyver *sighs*)

51. How old were you when you lost your virginity? where did you lose it?
15, in a shed.. I'm all class me.

52. Ever been arrested?
No, although I've come close

53. What is the most embarrassing celebrity/band/whatever that you'll admit to liking?
Ace of Base... Sad but true.

54. If you could travel back in time, when would you visit?
Some sort of dinosaur time would be good for shits and giggles.

55. How many people are you sending this to?
No one! Murhahahahahah

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