Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cat Sex

Last night we were safely holed up in the boudoir (Me, Tie, an xbox and a copy of GTA IV) when we heard some sort of strangled cat sound, so we trooped downstairs to discover our oh so innocent kitten had persuaded a big (and fucking ugly) tomcat to come in the house and other places. Having shooed the cat out we shut the window and that was that. Except the kitten was squeaking pathetically and making shag me eyes at the tomcat (imaginatively named Tommy by me and Tie) who remained outside the window, in the rain, making noise.

"Tommy, Tommy, where for art thou Tommy"

I got bored then and so returned to GTA. This morning I awoke to find Tommy still in the garden, looking, well wet, and the kitten still whoring it up at the window.

Wet Cat

So this cat has spent a good 14 hours, in the rain, just on the off chance it may get a ride. That's dedication, horny men make note.

Oh and on the off chance he's banged the kitten up, anyone want a pregnant cat? Thanks.


Roxette Wise said...

Aawww!!! Nothing compares to kitty love!!!

WillowC said...

This is a tale of undying romance such as sparks inspiration in the hearts of the many. I thank you for bringing such magic to the blogging world.

Tiernan Serpentine said...

9:50 am and it's still there, though it seems to have moved very slightly.

Kitty Lalonde said...

Pfft it's two moggies with restless genitals being carnal and disgusting.


Rob Danton said...

Very sweet story. Thx for restoring my faith in restless genitalia. BTW your window frame could do with a good scrub.

Dale Innis said...

... to come in the house and other places, hahahahahahaha!

Kitty Lalonde said...


SHUP!! No one was meant to see that! I very nearly photoshopped it out you know, but I thought "No one's that anal that they would notice that".

Apparently I was wrong.


Yeah, less funny when your kitten repeatedly licks the same patch of floor for several minutes.....

Anonymous said...

Oh hai.

I literally can't stop reading this - it's so funny!