Thursday, 17 July 2008

Feeling Frisky?

As you all may or may not know, I quite enjoy the dirtier side of Second Life, I outed myself on the Mean Girls sometime ago but I never really speak on what I get up to as such. Now, however, I feel I ought in the pursuit of hilarity.

Tie had been whimpering softly in a passive aggressive fashion about not being dominated horribly, so I decided that to get over this she we should play SLopoly for a while.

However, everytime I had to pay rent to Tie I made a demand of her, such as getting her to name her fantasies, and then people on her friends list she'd have sex with... Oh and then making her IM them her fantasy (I r ebil). This went on for some time (I r shit at SLopoly) and culminated in her joining a lovely group called Slut's for Use, and then IMing said group this little missive.

[14:03] Tiernan Serpentine: I'm a female with light blue eyes, very dark brunette hair. Smaller natural breasts, ones with perky, suckable nipples that get very hard with arousal. My cunt is shaved and very tight. So tight that you'll have to push with all your strength to fist me. I love animal sex, humiliation and public nudity. Please IM me because from the moment I set eyes on you you'll make me so incredibly horny that pretty soon I'm either going to have to go to bed with you or go to the doctor for a serious heart condition.

And the moral of this story? Don't play with me cos I be mean.

PS - Sadly for Tie her plea for sex fell on deaf ears and she didn't get a single reply.


Tiernan Serpentine said...

I do hate you, you know?

Tiernan Serpentine said...

And next time you're whimpering for domination there'll be none of your usual favourites I'm afraid. No being dragged around shopping on a leash and stripping in Armidi, no sex with noobies in Hard Alley, no inflatables. No NONE of that. *plots maliciously*

Kitty Lalonde said...

*hugs you tightly*

There there, this will make you a better person in the long run pet.

Willis said...

likes fisting

WillowC said...

Can't leave you two alone for five minutes, can I?

Kitty Lalonde said...

*thinks Willis has mentioned that too many times for it to be a joke*

Tiernan Serpentine said...

Five minutes? Kitty had started within thirty seconds