Tuesday, 8 July 2008


New MM skins.

Look the same as the old ones to my untrained eye, while lovely, the arse is a bit wierd, the shadows are a tad too high for my liking, meh, maybe my arse is to big.

Fashion Blogs.

All the clothes look the same, all the looks are the same, the names are the same, the jokes, the contests, the memes. Same same same same same. Blah. SL fashion is boring as fuck now, I'm sad to say, and I used to live that stuff... We need something new. I propose tentacle sex.

Copyright theft.

Isn't the whole of SL copyright theft? I'm going to scribble ™ on all the trees in my garden and sue some mofos.


Didn't go, didn't care. Perused some of the hoohah about 'no child av's, goreans or bdsm' briefly. Seems to me it's been "Your world, your imagination - Neither of these are welcome in SL, kindly leave them at the door (unless you're a multinational conglomorate business in which case, please take these sims)" for a while now and we really shouldn't be surprised.

Anyhoo, sorry about random negativity, post about kittens coming when I can bring myself to remove the batteries from my vibrator to put in the camera.

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WillowC said...

Sometimes it's so hard to know what you're thinking.