Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I am feeling....

Yeah, the picture is an old one, but I don't care. My big big big problem today is Popularity.

Never a popular girl in RL, well... I'll be honest, I'm known, as in people know who I am, and will talk to me in passing, but they're not beating a path to my door in order to worship me, which is no bad thing. I like my position on the edge, occasionally I feel the need to be 'part' of things and then I run around like some sort of freak, firing off text messages handing out fags. But it's hard work and as a lifetime member of the lazy club, I can't be arsed to keep it up for long. Also you face hardcore opposition from the naturally popular people who are mostly, but not always, perfectly formed with angelic faces. These people only have to smile and the world smiles with them.

One of the things that interested me in SL was how the popularity thing would work out, in a world full of the perfectly formed pretty peeps wouldn't personality win through? I dunno, I believe that in SL the ability to hype oneself is all important in the winning of fans. The recent rash of popularity contests that there have been in SL only confirm it. Like many people I gamely entered the 12 avatars contest with the thought that I've done a pretty good job on my avatar and it may stand some sort of chance. Then I realised that all the 'winners' were pre picked and in order to get anywhere in the popularity carnage that ensued was to sell your soul and harass everybody you ever met into voting for you. I didn't and I believe finished the contest with 4 votes.

The same thing is happening with this Footwear thingy, I could urge you all to go down and vote for me, I could Plurk my soul and offer blowjobs for it, but I won't. In fact I urge you to go down and vote for Tania Tebaldi, as I think she's done a really insanely awesome photo, showing the shoes beautifully with the right air of sexiness and mystique, and should therefore win on merit of having the best photo...

Anyhoo, I realise I'm sounding like some sort of outcast harpy at the moment, and to be honest I don't much care. I'd just like to see more contests based on ability and not who has the biggest friends list.

/end rant

PS - Tie seems to think that this is a cunning manipulation, it isn't, anyone caught voting for me will have their genitalia skewered on a VERY SPLINTERY stick, which has been lying in dung for many weeks... Kthnxbai


Tiernan Serpentine said...

It is annoying but not in the least bit surprising. I entered the 12avatars contest as well and ended up with about four votes, but I hadn't asked anyone to vote for me so didn't expect to get many.

I think the problem is that the only people interested in going and voting are either the participants or their friends and no one else really cares. So there are hardly any impartial voters wandering around looking at the entries on merit.

I voted for you in footsie competition, but that wasn't a case of favouritism because your entry is the best. So NYAH!

Kitty Lalonde said...

Awwww you're so sweet and also articulate, can you right all my
posts from now on please?

Yes, you are right though, I think unless it's on the web people are very unlikely to wade through the lag fest to vote for a random freak. Which is a shame really.

(Serious blog posts and comments ftw)

Kitty Lalonde said...

*glares at her typo and hides*

WillowC said...

Most people are too interested in their popularity to appreciate the people they're making friends with. That you take genuine pleasure in your relationships instead of manipulating the masses for vacuous ends - and, speaking for myself at least, that life is markedly better with you in it - just puts you a fair few rungs above the clamouring masses.

In other words, it just makes you too cool for school. And that is why we love you.

Cookie pls kthx.

Rob Danton said...

What footwear thingy? I never knew about the 12 avatars thing either. You would have had 5 votes if I'd got to hear about it... remember next time eh? You have loyal readers here who imagine you are just cleaning fridges and playing WoW unless you tell us otherwise. Ta.

Kitty Lalonde said...

I may possibly cry now!


No, YOU are too cool for school! I did tell you the other day how I feel about you and it all still holds, I will quite happily stalk you to the ends of the earth with cookies and then some cos you roxxors my world!

I'm very pleased you imagine me doing such wholesome things and it is a joy to have a loyal reader who doesn't think I'm a tart! Oh and you are welcome to dinner anytime you like so long as you like noodle sandwiches

WillowC said...

You did, and I have what you said on my google desktop widget thinger for sentimental porpoises :D

I'll meet you at the end of the world, to which I will be stalking you also, while gazing at you adoringly, and nobody will ever know who started it or who won - HA!

(p.s. He has a point actually, I didn't realise there was voting, one is not psychic. Point me at it please, I love that picture!)

Kitty Lalonde said...

It's at the shoe expo somewhere, I have no clue! But I'm sure your keen sense of smell will find it

Willis said...

I'm going thru all your old posts like a stalker and I say a big fat WTFEVER to popularity ,those that want it don't deserve it and those that have it don't normally know it, if they do, they tend to have their heads jammed up their arses.

Hide me away any day :D